Can It Be

Shayla is the most popular senior in Blueday high, but when she starts finding her self attracted to a "nerd" her friends start to leave her in the dust. Harry
(The nerd) seems to be falling for Shayla. Is she to far out of his league? Will Shayla be with her possible true love ? Or try to stay with her popularity. *+14*


3. My Mistake

Shaylas POV

I walked passed Jason like he wasn't even there, he turned and grabbed my arm.

"Who was that"? Jason asked

"None of your concern" I replied

"What's with the attitude sis"

"What's with you trying to act like my father!?"

I ran up stairs I slammed my bedroom door. SHIT. Did I ever have temper problems. I jus lied on my be staring at te ceiling until I hear my phone beep. It was Johnny. The sound o his name gave me chills that ran down my spine. The text read,

-meet me at mine at 8, or else. - Johnny

I squinted at the words "or else" but I knew inside I had to or else Johnny would spread it around the school. And my reputation would be ruined. I can't let one stupid guy screw everything I worked for up.

-I'll be there -Shay I replied to Johnny's text.

I arrived at Johnny's house and knocked on his door. Johnny's mom dad 10 years ago and his dad is a oil worker who is rarely home. So Johnny is home alone most of the time. I knock on his door assuming he was the only one home. Johnny opens the door and stands before me in a tight see-threw muscle shirt that looked to small. His hair was messy, but in a good looking way. His eyes were coarse and sweet, and had strong arms and hands. He was hot. But, he's bad.

"Hey, babe" Johnny said

"Hi" I reply softly

"Come in, I hope your wearing something sexy under that jacket of yours"

"Yes" I relied slightly annoyed

He led me up to his room and stripped of my jacket. He tossed it on the floor then went To go shut the door. The door latched and he turned the lock. He slowly walked bAcl over to me.

"Show me your dance" Johnny demanded

I stood up in my slutty purple lace nighty that covered 1/5 of my butt and boobs and had see-threw lace coverin the entire thing. I began to twist and move my body round and round, I straddled my legs around his waist, boobs at his eye level. He grabbed my waist and put me in closer. He lied back and I was on top. He placed one soft strong hand on my upper thigh and moved his way up... He slid into me with two finger and stArted circling. I moaned in pleasure. But also in annoyance. He pulled my nighty over my head and I lied there bare naked. He finished stripping and then we both lied there naked. He was on top. He thrusted as he entered me. Groans and moans came from both our mouths. He went more circularly an it felt great he grabbed my tits and played and massaged them. He started kissing my boobs and my neck and moved his lips down. Past my stomach. As his tongue entered me I began to pulsate. But he kept going I started getting worked up and began moving my hips up and down he slid his hands up and down my sides as I was screaming in pleasure. After a while we stopped. I got dressed and headed for the door as quick as I could.

"By babe, see ya soon, I'll text ya when I feel like it for next time be ready for more action or else" Johnny called

I flipped him off and slammed his door. This sucked. Big mistake. I don't even know if this is worth the pain and the regret. Even if it felt good it's not right . I should of listened to Harry, I mean what? Listen to the nerd who bumped into me who drove me home ...... Who has sweet eyes a nice smile, who's tall, sensitive, caring. Get him OUT of your head Shayla ! But it's true..... I need to get away from Johnny. Help. I need help.

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