Can It Be

Shayla is the most popular senior in Blueday high, but when she starts finding her self attracted to a "nerd" her friends start to leave her in the dust. Harry
(The nerd) seems to be falling for Shayla. Is she to far out of his league? Will Shayla be with her possible true love ? Or try to stay with her popularity. *+14*


1. Love At First Sight?

POV: Shayla

"Excuse me !" I snarled At the geek who got in my way

"I'm sorry, Shayla" replied the geek

"How do you know my name!"

"Who doesn't?" the geek smiled

"Your fucked up" I walked away with my Bestfriends Karen and Gretchen who both wore fugly mini skirts today. I however thought I looked outstanding in my black daisy dukes. I Shayla was the most popular senior of blue day high, and nothing, no one is gonna take that away.

Harry POV

"Excuse me!" Snarled Shayla

"Oh sorry" I said

Woah. Her blue eyes sparkle like sparklers you put on a cake. Her hair. Oh her red hair falls perfectly, and her breasts. She was absolutely gorgeous. I feel like she knows what I'm thinking. Oh my god. Am I getting hard ? Over a girl who doesn't even know my name? Woah. This can't be happening. I never felt this way about someone before. It feels good.

Shayla's POV

I sat down in the most boring class ever.... Bio. To my right was Gretchen admiring her nails. To my left was Karen trying to figure out how to spell orange. I started to dig around for my phone in my faux purse. I grabbed It and turned on the camera to fix up my hair. In the corner of the camera I saw that same geek staring at me from the hallway. I shut my phone off and turned around.

"Excuse me !? Can I help you?" I snarked

"Uh yes. Well no.... I'm Harry" Harry replied

"And I don't care"

I turned back around and started working on a sheet my teacher (Mr. Chip) handed out. I thought for only a second that Harry was attractive. His arms. His hands. No. Shayla no. You don't date nerdy losers. But his biceps. Shayla stop. Don't do this. I may have tryed to convince myself that I didn't find him cute, but deep down I knew he made me feel warm and cozy. Even I couldn't hide that if I wanted to.

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