Can It Be

Shayla is the most popular senior in Blueday high, but when she starts finding her self attracted to a "nerd" her friends start to leave her in the dust. Harry
(The nerd) seems to be falling for Shayla. Is she to far out of his league? Will Shayla be with her possible true love ? Or try to stay with her popularity. *+14*


4. Alone

Shayla POV.

I headed up the stairs into my bedroom and shut my light off. The last time my parents were home were 3 weeks ago. No texts. No calls. Nothing. Some nights when they are away I would shed a few tears but tonight I just lied in my bed wondering why they left me and Jason. Jason. Where was he? My eyes go got heavy I fell asleep.


I woke up abruptly to my phone. I answer not looking at the number.

"Hello"? I croaked

"Hi, I'm very sorry to being giving u this news at this abrupt time but I am taking the lead to say your parents, mr and mrs Rivers have died in a tragic car crash this evening I'm ver--

I hung up the phone and slammed it against the wall. Tears streaming down my face. Even if my parents were never home, I still loved them. My sadness turned into anger, which turned into stupidity. I grabbed my cracked phone and called Johnny

"Hey babe" Johnny answered

"I need to fuck"

"Get your ass over here then"

I sneak downstairs so Jason can't hear and grab my jacket and drove crazily to Johnny's. I burst into his house and found Johnny half naked standing in the doorway. I rip my jacket off and flung myself onto him. Our tongues made perfect sync which eachother. I rap my legs around his waist, him taking me to the bedroom room stripping me down and placing two fingers inside me, he fondled my breast with his lips for a while. As soon as I was loose, he lined up and pushed inside me yes I thought yes! Thrusting yes ! His pace quickened my hips jerking Boobs jiggling! I started pulsating. He slipped out of me and took me to the shower, there I rapped my legs around his waist and he entered me. Rapid thrusting again, I'm a perfect circular motion him cumming into me, yes, so good.

"Johnny more" I pleaded he set me down and more his lips lower into my vagina licking circles around my clit and inside me. I grabbed his hair and pushed him more inside me, yes , yes, I don't feel alone right now.

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