My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


3. Pray !

I am a buddhist .

I went to Kek Lok Si to have a pray . 

Kek Lok Si is a well known place in my hometown . Penang . 


That day , it was a hot afternoon . 

The golden blistering sun was the sole ornament in vast azure blue sky . 

The sky was like an oven . 

It was scorching hot .

Damn ! 


Wow , there were lots of tourists . 

Spectacular !


First of all , I went to the rest room to ease myself . xP 

haha . 


Praying was the main point , I went to Kek Lok Si . 

I prayed approximately for 1 hour .

After that , I went to Mini Market to buy Junk Food .

I had a awesome visit at Kek Lok Si . 


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