My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


7. Holidays = my house

That's was crazy lahhhhhhhhh . 

No entertainment , no travel , no shopping = My holidays . 


Last year , I went to China with my family . 

We had the marvelous trip in China . 

This year is absolutely different !

Oh My God . 


Bang Goes my expect !

I thought this year , I will go to Taiwan . 

However , it is totally conversely . 


I am travel lover . 

This time of holidays , I just stay at home . 

And enjoy doing nothing . 

So crazy lahhhhhhh . 

I hate my mother's dish . 

Now , I should eat her dish everyday . 



No wonder , she is all smiles almost all the time lahhhhhhh . 

She can save more money and buy more pretty shirts . 

Let me DOWN .............disappointed .

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