My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


14. Chinese New Year is in no time!

Even though , school holidays are going to WAVE HANDS .

It seems that Chinese New Year is in no time too . 

In Malaysia , we celebrate Chinese New Year . 

Special , right ?

Malaysia is a multi races country .

Chinese takes a part too .

The other races like Malay , Indian , Kadazan . 

They celebrate with us too .

Chinese New Year is an event to enhance our relationship too .

People here are benevolent .

When thinking about school life , 



When thinking about Chinese New Year , I am walking in air . 

I am not a pure Chinese .

Yet , I celebrate it also . 

I enjoy the Chinese New Year atmosphere every year .

I'd receive red packets from my parents .


After my 1 week holidays for Chinese New Year, my teacher would ask us to write an essay .

The title will be ' How you spend your RED PACKETS'

Teacher will ask us to write about this type of title .

My friends start boasting how much he/ she received during the Chinese New Year. 

OF course , I am always the loser.

I don't have many relatives and siblings.

This is why , I can't win my friends !


Let me down , when friends start teasing me . 

They will start asking me ' Why you receive just a little bit of money ? '

Wow , sucks . 

You know ?

It pisses me off .

I like to say ' Shut up , men ! ' to my friends .

Yet , you know , I am so shy . 

Hahaha . 

I am looking forward Chinese New Year . 

hahaah , See you!



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