My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


4. A picnic at the park !

It was a good morning . 

My family and I made up our mind to have a picnic at Penang . 

Without any hesitation , we darted to our rooms to prepare .

After a while , we finally finished !


Everyone was all smiles .

My sister's sparkling white teeth glittered at my parents every time . 

My heart was palpitating with excited . 


'Do all of you , done ?' asked by Father .

' Yes , we are ready ! ' replied by all of us . 

My father reminded me everything we should do during picnic at the park .


We started our journey . 

My father as a driver , he drove his branded new car to take us to the park for a marvelous picnic . 

After 2 consecutive hours , we finally arrived the park which located in Perlis .

Wow !

Amazing !

The scene !

Spectacular !

We could feel the cold breeze in the morning . 

The wind blowed .

The wind seeped into our skin .

It carried something fabulous and something fabulous . 

My feeling was fantastic . 


The elation was rushing through me . 

First of all , we went to the nearby river to enjoy the awesome scene . 

We enjoyed the sound of water . 

The surface of the water was calm .








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