My School Holidays Life .

Holidays are necessary for every students .


1. Wow !


It was a bombshell news ! 

Like a bolt from the blue !


It was a very good morning . 

The clouds moseyed across the cerulean sky . 

My eyelids were quite heavier . 


I went to school usually  .

When I stepped into my class.

Everyone smiled grinningly .

Everyone looked like very delighted . 


My buddy Johnson , asked me ' Hi , do you know the good news ?

'What's up' I replied . 

Johnson said ' We have 2 months for holidays , do you know ?'


All of a sudden , I could not believe my ears . Everything was amazing for me . 

I screamed and cheered loudly.

My buddy told me .

Our holidays would start it tomorrow . 

I was so keyed up . 


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