Lost Voice

Harry: Troy
Niall: Tristan
Zayn: Jesse
Louis: Logan
Liam: Devon

Troy (Harry) is the richest, hottest, and most popular guy at school. Tristan (Niall) is his "sidekick" so to speak, his "right hand man" you get the picture...his bestfriend. Jesse (Zayn) is cute and popular, but not the talk of the school all that often like Troy. Logan (Louis) is just the nerdy kid at school who can get a little clumsy and jumpy at times. And Devon (Liam) is kinda a nerd too but tries to be the talk of the school at least have a moment of fame. That most likely won't happen sadly. Then there's Chelsea...the most beautiful girl in school, popular, chased by guys, and also rich. When Troy discovers her, he tries basically anything to make her love him back. But with the sacrifices he makes...he goes too far.


1. chapter 1: perfection!!

"Hey!! Watch where ya goin'" Troy shoved a short boy away from him. "The little asses can't see that I'm walkin' here?" He walked faster. Tristan tried to keep up," Hey wait up!!" He jogged a little, "Besides, why we rushin'?"

"Cuz there's this cute girl that passed by...it's kinda my job to know all the damn cute girls." Troy mumbled.

Tristan fell silent. They walked real fast with long strides trying to find the girl. They ran up the stairs going to third level. THERE!! She went in a classroom...it looked like a math class. The two boys ran to the door.

"Tristan, go in there and tell her that there is a guy waiting outside to see her," Troy pocked him.

"Why me??" He whispered loudly.

"Cuz I said so, I'm the 'boss'" He softly pushed him to the door. Tristan rolled his eyes as he opened the door. He took awhile. Soon he walked out with the girl they were chasing almost all morning.

"Umm...hi," she stuttered.

"You better go Tristan, I need to talk to her alone," Troy tapped his shoulder. Tristan smirked and walked off.

"Hey, I noticed you walkin' through the halls...near my homeroom, and I couldn't help myself to know you, you're really beautiful!!" Troy ran his hand through his curly, brown hair.

"That's it??" The girl stood amazed at what he told her.

"Haha well, no haha I was wonderin' if you can hang next Saturday at the mall or somethin'," he smirked.

"Sure I'll ask my dad." She looked at him.

"I'm sorry I totally forgot to say my name," Troy stood up straighter, "I'm Troy!!"

"I'm Chelsea," She giggled.

"Alright then Chelsea, I'll see you later and go on that little date." He winked. He walked off and thought to himself 'perfection'!!

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