Searching For My Legendary Parents

Since I love the Percy Jackson series SO much, I've decided to make a Percy Jackson story. Please don't hate on it, if you don't like it, don't read it! Thanks guys! =)


7. Chapter 6

It's about midnight and I'm stuffing clothes(Mine and Kane's), weapons, mortal money, golden drachmas, and nectar and ambrosia into a Duffel bag. Once I get it zipped, I skim over the riddle that I wrote down as I make my way to Kane's room.

"Kane," I lightly shake his arm. "Come on kiddo, wake up, we have to go."

He jolts awake, his eyes wide. It takes him a second to focus on me.

"Hey buddy, get your shoes on, we have to go." I softly say.

"Go where?" He sleepily mumbles.

"To Chicago." I say. "We're going to go find momma and dad."

That gets him going. And suddenly he is up and out of bed looking for his shoes.

After he finds them, he then sets them down on his bed and looks through his dresser.

"Buddy, what are you doing?" I ask him.

"Clothes," He mumbled. "I'm wearing jammies."

"You don't need to change, bubba, I already have some clothes for you packed." I say picking him up and setting him on his bed.

He slips his sneakers on and grabs the watch Uncle Tyson made him. I already had mine on my wrist, as well as my dagger in my belt sheath.

His eyes were drooping again, and he muttered something that sounded like, 'ak bride'.

I leaned down to hear him better and he wrapped his arms around my neck and hopped on my back. Oh, 'back ride'.

"Okay bud, let's go get Quinn." I say as I shut off the light and close the front door behind us.



I found Quinn sitting on the ground outside of cabin number 7--the Apollo cabin. She already has a backpack ready, a bow in hand, and a quiver full of Celestial Bronze arrows slung across her back.

"Are you like Rachel now?" I ask, because Quinn had no idea about the voice in my head or any of it.

She shrugs. "I had a feeling."

She stands and joins me and Kane as we walk up the hill to the gate.

We make it past the sleeping guard dragon, Peleus, who watches over the Golden Fleece that hangs on Thalia's tree, and out the gate swiftly and quietly, careful not to wake him.

"You know Kane's drooling on your shoulder right?" Quinn asks, once we were out of Peleus' earshot.

"I kinda figured," I said.

She chuckles. "Let's hail a cab. Where are we off to anyway?" She looks to me.

"The Art Institute of Chicago." I explain. "It's where I battled my first monster."

She doesn't ask what it means, she just says, "Chicago it is!"

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