Searching For My Legendary Parents

Since I love the Percy Jackson series SO much, I've decided to make a Percy Jackson story. Please don't hate on it, if you don't like it, don't read it! Thanks guys! =)


2. Chapter 1

"Kane!" I chase my 5 year old brother around the strawberry fields.

"I didn't take it, I swear!" He giggles, trying to hide my favorite book between his arm and stomach.

"I see it right there!" I laugh and quickly catch up to him, only to pick him up by his sides and spin him around, dropping my book on the ground.

"I caught you red handed!" I say plopping us both down on the floor and tickling him.

"Stop," He laughs. "I can't breathe!"

I wrap my arms around him and we look out, past the pastures, watching the rising sun.

"Remember when mom would do that?" He asked in a small voice.

"Yeah, Bub, I do," I say.

"I miss them," He whispers.

"I do too," I say, holding back tears that are welling up in my eyes. But I put on a brave face, not wanting to cry in front of my little brother. "But they'll be back."


"Yeah. They're just trying to get the new guys to cooperate with 'em." I say, trying to get him happy again.

He cracks a small smile, and I see his one front tooth (He lost the other one last week, courageously hitting himself with a door).

"Come on, let's go check on the house, then we'll meet up with Chiron and Mr. D for breakfast."

"Okay," He says and hops up, grabbing my book and handing it to me.

I wrapped my arm around Kane's shoulders as we walk to the house we lived in before my parents left.

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