Searching For My Legendary Parents

Since I love the Percy Jackson series SO much, I've decided to make a Percy Jackson story. Please don't hate on it, if you don't like it, don't read it! Thanks guys! =)


1. Prolouge

"I just don't understand why you guys have to leave!" I say frustrated.

"Kayden, don't be so stubborn," My mom says, helping my dad pack his bag.

"Why can't they send a keeper to do it?" I ask.

"Because even with a searchers license, they still aren't guaranteed to come back with the target safely." She says handing dad a shoe.

I huff out a breath and cross my arms over my chest.

Dad comes over and picks me up and spins me around.

My scowl disappears as I start laughing. "Dad, put me down!"

He sets me back on the floor, and it takes me a few seconds to see and walk straight again.

"Come on, Kayde, we won't be gone that long. Two weeks tops, I promise." He holds out his pinkie.

I wrap my small pinkie around his. "Fine."

"Good," Mom says. "Now that, that is resolved, where is my dagger?" She glares at me.

"Dad let Kane see it earlier, and he gave me ten bucks not to tell mom... Oops, sorry dad," I say and grin at him.

He scowls down at me and I stick my tongue out at him.

"Percy!" Mom is trying to hide a smile, but also trying to chew him out.



"Bye, mom," I say hugging her.

"Bye Kayden," She says. "I love you."

"Love you too."

When we pull away, mom goes over to hug Kane and dad comes over to me.

I jump into his arms and hug him tight.

"Love you, Kayde," He says.

"Love you too, dad," I say squeezing my eyes shut. "Two weeks, okay?"

"Two weeks, I promise."


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