Half a Heart

Adalaide Styles is the twin sister of THE Harry Styles. But since he's been away, she's been distraught. It's killing her that he's gone, but when he comes back, it seems that everything is falling into place. But will she be able to see that someone else may care for her beyond Harry? And what happens when they leave again. (Based on "Half a Heart" by One Direction)


1. Chapter 1

When my alarm clock went off at 6:00 A.M., I was already wide awake. I rolled out of bed, walked across my room, and silenced the incessant beeping. Looking in my mirror, I saw how awful I looked... Great. I trudged into the bathroom, not ready to go to school again. I just kept telling myself that it was Friday. I could get through today, and then it would be Christmas break.

I looked in the mirror again, trying to decide how to make myself look less frightening. I took a cold wet wash cloth and wiped my face, waking me up fully. I stared at the reflection. I looked hideous! I applied a couple of swipes of mascara, a beige eye shadow, and a bit of chap-stick. Now onto my hair. I had brown hair, with just a few natural waves, that fell just below my shoulders, and it looked great! Just, not on me. I grabbed a hair-band and threw my locks into a high ponytail. Off to the closet. I looked around and found a pair of jeans, these'll do. Next I found a cream off the shoulder sweatshirt, and coupled it with a chocolate brown tank-top. I looked at my phone, CRAP! I was going to be late, AGAIN! I threw on my brown flats and ran out of the house, grabbing my bag on the way out.

I fumbled around looking for my keys, unlocked my car, and jammed them into the ignition. I was practically speeding down the road. I pulled up just as first bell rang. Maybe I would make it! I ran through the halls, on my way to English, when I ran into Courtney. Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse.

"Where do you think you're going?" I really didn't have time for this.

"English," I mumbled.

"Is that right? Well, you're going to be a little late today," she said as she slammed me up against the wall. "I saw you and my boyfriend talking! What did he say to you?!" Don't fan the flames, don't fan the flames, don't fan the flames.

"He told me to get lost," I said, even though that's NOT what he said.

"Well then do it," she screamed at me. She let me go, just as the second bell rang. I ran into English and quickly took my seat by Angelica, hoping the teacher wouldn't notice my tardiness.

"Where have you been," she hissed, never taking her eyes off of our professor.

"Courtney," was all I said. I guess that was enough since she leaned over and hugged me.

Ange knew how much Courtney bullied me. My brother always stood up for me, but when he left for X Factor, I was left to my own defenses. Which weren't a lot. At all.

Our teacher continued talking. It wasn’t long before a few snores filled the room. I looked over at Ange, she was reading her book. She always brought a book to class for times like these. But I guess she could since she was an effortless straight A+ student. I, on the other hand, had to pay attention.

Once class had finished, I walked through the halls, not really paying any mind to the conversations around me. Until I heard someone mention One Direction. I slowed my pace and eavesdropped.

“Yeah, I heard they’re taking a break now that they’ve released their newest album. That means Harry is coming home! Oh my gosh I love him!”

I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. Harry wasn’t coming home. Mum would’ve told me. Harry would’ve texted me. No way. I would’ve known. But…

I pulled out my phone and sent a message to Harry.

To Harry: You didn’t tell me you were coming home.

I pocketed my cell and walked to my next class. Halfway through, my phone started buzzing. I looked around to make sure nobody noticed before pulling it out and reading it.

From Harry: How’d you find out?

To Harry: Heard it through the grapevine.

From Harry: What grapevine?

To Harry: While you’re touring the world, I’m still in school.

From Harry: Oh shit! Are you in class?

To Harry: Yep.

To Harry: It’s fine. It’s just Newspaper.

From Harry: You’re in Newspaper?

To Harry: So why didn’t you tell me?

From Harry: Tell you what?

To Harry: That you’re coming home?

From Harry: Sorry sis, gotta go!

To Harry: HARRY!

From Harry: Bye!

He was such a brat sometimes. You’d think you would be a little more honest with your fraternal twin! Thanks Harry. I rolled my eyes and stuffed my phone back in my jeans. I went back to typing my story.

The bell rang about 20 minutes later, so I stood up, grabbed my backpack, and went to lunch. I was always the first at the table, so I looked like a loner. To be even more a loner, I texted Mum.

To Mum: How come you didn’t tell me Harry was coming home?

From Mum: He told me not to.

To Mum: Did he tell you why?

From Mum: Yes.

To Mum: Wanna clue me in?

I was getting a tad bit frustrated. Why was he so keen on keeping it a secret that he was coming home? I mean it made sense. Album was recorded, tour wasn’t until 2014, it was Christmas break, where else would he go?

To Harry: So WHEN are you coming home? I miss you! I’m all alone without you!

It took him a while to respond.

From Harry: You heard the new album yet?

To Harry: No. It just came out today.

From Harry: So? It was leaked like a week ago!

To Harry: Sorry if I wanted to wait.

From Harry: Don’t you roll your eyes.

He always knew when I did that.

From Harry: Track 6.

To Harry: How am I supposed to know what song track 6 is?

From Harry: Google it. Love ya! Bye!

I opened Google and looked up which song was track 6. It was a song called “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”. I shrugged. When I looked up from my phone, I realized all my other friends were at the table with me talking.

AJ turned to me. “So who was that, Addy?”

“Oh just Mum.” I didn’t really like to talk about Harry at school. I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t want the extra attention.

“Cool.” She nodded and went back to her previous conversation. I was kinda the outsider at my table, so I ate quietly, not disturbing anyone. When I finished, I threw away my trash and headed to my next class, waving goodbye.

My next couple of class periods passed so slowly. I just wanted to go home and have Christmas break. As soon as the classes were over I went to my locker and made sure I had everything.  I traded out binders and papers and closed my locker. Just like in the cliche movies, right there was Courtney.

“Hi,” she chirped.

“Hi,” I replied in a monotone voice.

“Don’t get snippy with me.” She used her ‘hurt’ voice. “I hear Harry is coming home!” She smiled brightly. So THAT’S why she was here. I just nodded. “Perfect! When?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do,” she yelled. I flinched. She lowered her voice. “I mean, of course you do! You’re his twin sister! I’m sure you’re close enough that he would’ve told you.”

My voice was small. “No, he didn’t tell me he was coming home.”

“Guess he doesn’t care enough to let you know.” She shrugged and patted my cheek. I flinched again. Courtney strutted off down the halls, her two wanna-be clones following her.

I breathed a sigh of relief and started walking home. I couldn’t believe Harry just left me alone. He didn’t even tell me he was auditioning for X Factor until the day of, so I didn’t get to be there for him.

I needed him and he was off having fun with all his friends. I drifted farther from my friends than ever and felt especially isolated since he left.

As I walked down the familiar sidewalks, trying not to shiver in the winter wind, I slipped in my earbuds and turned on the song Harry wanted me to listen to. It started off really well, but the tears hit my eyes as Harry’s voice came on. It was masked by the chorus, but I could pick out his voice easily. I missed him so much. We never had time to talk. Harry always assured me he could make time for me, but I knew he didn’t have any, so I just told him I was swamped with homework and that he should hang with the guys. We texted on and off, but I hadn’t seen HIM in over a year. I was away on vacation with one of my friends when he came home.

The chorus came on a second time and I listened to the words.

“Don't forget where you belong, home
Don't forget where you belong, home
If you ever feel alone, don't
You were never on your own
And the proof is in this song”

That’s when the tears started to fall. I missed him and I was peeved he left me alone and now he was telling me I wasn’t. I just wanted him to come home.

I opened the front door, deposited my bag by the door, and ran up to my room. It wasn’t long before Mum was knocking.

“Honey? May I come in?” I sniffled but gave her permission. “Sweety…” She saw my red eyes and tear-streaked face and came over to sit my me, wrapping her arms around me and planting a kiss on my head. “What happened?”

“I miss Harry,” I sobbed.

“I know you miss him, I miss him too. But he’ll be home soon.”

“How soon?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” I looked up at her and noticed she was looking at my phone on the bed, which had an incoming call from Harry. “I’ll leave you two alone. I love you.”

“Love you too, Mum.” As she closed the door I answered the phone. I didn’t even get to say hello.

“What’s wrong?” He sounded almost panicked.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh my gosh, have you been crying?”


“Don’t lie. I can hear it in your voice.” His tone softened. “So what’s wrong?”

“Why do you assume something is wrong?” I didn’t need him worrying about me. He was probably on his way to some interview.

“Don’t avoid the question,” he scolded.

“Then answer mine.”

“Twin connection. You haven’t been this sad since our parents split up. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Something’s wrong. You and I both know it.”

“It’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“Alright, I’m calling you.”

“Harry, are you feeling alright? We’re already talking,” I laughed.

“No, I’m going to Skype you.” Now he was just being difficult.

“No Harry. I’m fine. Honestly.”

“See you in a few!” I groaned. He had so many other things he needed to be doing. I was surprised he even called.

My phone rang again, but this time it was Harry Skyping me. I had no choice but to answer. But the only view he had was of my ceiling.

“Adalaide Marie Styles.”

“Harold Edward Styles,” I replied.

“Lemme see you,” he commanded.

“I’m good.”

“Please,” he pleaded.

“Love,” a new voice butted in, “I’d let him see you.” I looked at the phone, but left it staring at the ceiling. It was Louis. But I already knew that from the voice. “Harry is really worried over here. And he’s teary-eyed right now.”

“LOUIS,” I heard Harry yell. I guess he wasn’t supposed to tell me that. I looked at the phone again and saw Harry’s face. He did indeed have tears in his eyes.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” I picked up the phone so he could see me.

“I’m worried about you. You barely even talk to me anymore, and you always refuse to Skype. Have I done something wrong?” His tears started to fall, which only caused me to cry harder. I pulled my knees to my chest, set the cell face down on my bed, and tried to be as quiet as possible, but I knew he could hear me.

“Addy? Addy, please! Tell me what’s wrong!” I could hear the sadness and desperation in his voice.

“Harry,” I sobbed.


I sniffled and tried to compose myself as I picked up the camera again. “Hey, I have to go. Homework. I’ll see you when you get home.” I pushed end. I couldn’t take it. I was hurting him further and I didn’t want to see it. There was nothing I could do to comfort a boy half way around the world. And I couldn’t tell him I was so sad because I missed him, that would only make it worse.

Harry called me again, but I pushed decline. He called again a few minutes later, but I still didn’t answer. Instead, I left my phone upstairs and went down to the kitchen. Mum was cooking and it smelled amazing.

“Honey, Harry’s worried about you,” she said as I sat down on one of the stools.

“What makes you say that?”

“He just called me in a panic. He said you were crying and hung up on him.”

“And what did you say?” I didn’t want her to deliver the news.

“I told him he needed to talk to you.”

“Thanks Mum.” I kissed her on the cheek and sat back down.

“It’s not my information to tell. But I don’t understand why you won’t just tell him you miss him.” She gave me a confused look, then went back to stirring.

“I don’t want him to have to worry about me. And besides, I’m just being silly. We text all the time. I have no right to miss him.”

“You have all the right in the world to miss your big brother, Addy. And you hardly ever text. You always tell him you’re busy.” I was about to ask how she knew that, but she just smiled sadly. “Harry told me.”


“Why are you avoiding him?”

“I’m not avoiding him. I’m just avoiding talking to him.”

Mum rolled her eyes. “Okay, why are you avoiding talking to him?”

“He’s really busy and I don’t want to distract him from work.”

Mum nodded understandingly and I breathed a silent sigh of relief. “Okay, so what’s the real reason?” Dang, guess I wasn’t that great of an actress.

“It hurts too much, Mum…”

“Oh honey…” She came over and hugged me, letting me cry into her shoulder. “I’m so sorry, babe. I know you’re hurting, but wouldn’t it help if you talked to him and Skyped him?”

I just shook my head.

“Why not?”

“Because it just reminds me he’s not here and I can’t be with him.” She hugged me tighter when I explained. “Uh, Mum?”

“Yes?” She pulled away and looked at me.

“Your pot is boiling over.” I smiled.

“Ah!” She ran over and turned the stove down as I laughed. The doorbell went off and I stood up to answer it. “Honey, would you get that?”

“I’m already on it,” I called over my shoulder.

I opened the door.

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