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Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


2. we've been good but harry could be better

I look at all their faces. The smirks half smiles. They've changed but haven't. It's weird and hard to explain

"Why? Why do you want me to record this album?" I ask.

"Because. It's our last one." Liam said. At least I won't have to worry about seeing them again.

"Such a shame. I was really starting to like your music." I lied like there was no tomorrow in that sentence.

"Liar!" Louis yells standing up. Well him being extremely weird hasn't changed I see.

"Well it's not all a lie." I say. I kinda like it but I don't.

"What did you do to your hair?" Niall asks. What where did that come from?

"It was my attempt to change and that way whenever my name came up in a interview they couldn't find me to show a pic but obviously that didn't work." I say

"And you look different in a good way." Zayn says.

"Is it the fact I'm twenty-one and I dress a little more girly? Or the fact that I usually wear sunglasses outside even in the rain? Or both?" I say.

"Yeah that's it." Zayn says. I roll my eyes.

"Alright how do you want to do this? One at a time or you all together." I say.

"I want to do it all together." Harry says.

"Sounds good." Louis says and they all get up and walk into the booth. I put the head phones on. I look at the things in recording. Geez there's thirty-seven songs.

"Why are you recording so many songs?" I ask.

"So Niall can say how many there are. Tell her Niall." Liam said. I lift my eyebrows in confusion. Niall lets out a huge sigh and says.

"Turdy-seven." I laugh a little.

"Ok then. Lets start. Wait. You already recorded most of these songs ohh." I say. The album is called back in time. They record half an album you know thirty seven songs. By the time I'm finished editing each song so each part comes out just right I lean back in my chair. It's three p.m. I get out of the chair put my jacket on and fling my purse over my shoulder.

"How have you guys been?" I ask.

"We've all been pretty good actually." Niall says. I was about to walk out the door when Louis added.

"Except Harry. He could be better." I roll my eyes.

"I'll see you guys at noon tomorrow no exceptions." I say "Got it?" They all nod. I grab my keys and go to Simons office. His finished his meetings.

"I recorded half the album and they will be here at noon tomorrow. I assume that you want me to record when your recording Little Mix." I say. He nods. Oddly Little Mix is going longer than one direction. I should know I usually record them. But no. Simon booking a meeting the same say and leave me with them. I go to the elevators and rapidly press the bottom floor when an enormous hand come threw the almost closed doors. So close. Harry comes in alone. This is not good. Not good. Where's a rape whistle when you need one? This is also an extremely slow elevator the doors close and I'm alone with Harry in an elevator. He looks at me and a evil smirk is on his face well this has taken a turn. He pushes me into a corner and I hold my breath.

"Kiss me." He breaths into my face.

"No." I say. I look at the floors. Dang slow elevator. We've only gone down five floors.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Both works for me." Harry says. See this is why I left them. And I moved on apparently he hasn't.

"Neither if I have a choice." I say.

"Hard way it is." Harry says and he has me pressed against the wall and he says.

"You gonna kiss me?" I shake my head. He takes my two hands and holds it in his massive hands. Lifts my head so I can see his green eyes. I gotta admit I missed them.

"You know I never forgot our kisses." He says and he crashes his lips on mine. Sadly I kiss back. I hear a ding and he gets off of me and the door opens. I wish someone saw that. Harry has the worlds largest smile on his face.

"I'll see you tomorrow Styles." I say and I walk out of the elevator and into my car. Then someone taps on my window. I see all five guys. They got the faster elevator.

"Hello?" I say rolling down my window.

"Just wanted to say you got a nice car." Liam says.

"Thank you Mr. Payne." I say.

"Really your not using our first names." Zayn laughed.

"That is correct Mr. Malik." I say and I roll up my window. They step back and I pull out of the spot and I drive away.

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