This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


19. this

*year later* "Harry!" I yell running threw the house.  "What!" He yells. I in that general direction. We were playing hide and go seek. But in a different way. I finally find him. And I jump on him and kiss him.  "I love you." I mumble. I was currently in a sweatshirt of his and a pair of black short shorts that are mine. With my hair pulled back in a ponytail. It was a lazy day.  "I love you too." He says smiling. "Mrs. Styles." I can't believe that's my name.  "So is your middle name really Diana?" He asks. Haven't talked about that at all.  "Yeah. Why?" I ask.  "Just wondering." He says. I am currently facing him as he carries me with my legs wrapped around his waist.  "So. Shall we go play hide and seek? In the sheets?" Harry says. I smile and laugh  "What do you think my answer will be?" I say  "That you will always want too." He says and he lays me on the bed. And he crawls in next to me. And well. We play. You could say.  *few hours later*  We were sitting on the floor eating in front of the tv. Just talking and chilling with pizza.  "Alright so what would you do if you had never tried out for x-factor and you met me in collage?" I ask. "Like what would be your reaction?" "I'd think damn. That girl is sexy." He says and I laugh so hard. "And. And I'd look at the seat next to me. With my best friend sitting in it and there were no seats left and I push him out of the seat and his stuff off the table and signal you to sit by me." I smile.  "My turn! Ok. So what would you do if you weren't assigned the boys and I and you just hung around us?" Harry asks.  "I would probably flirt my ass off with each of you and pray that one of you finds me attractive." I say. We continue our game and there is a knock on our door. I run and get it and everyone comes in. It was movie night at Harry and mines house. We still all so values duh. Just um. A few additions to come. Hailey happened to be two months pregnant. And Sarah and Liam are in the process of adopting a kid along with Perrie and Zayn. So anyway it was my turn to pick the movie and I chose the ring. A duh. And they all laughed at the fact I still like the movie. We all gather on the couch. John and his fiancé Emily are smiling. And Louis finally got a girl. Her name is Hannah. So we all are cuddling and I look around as the movie played. This was perfect. This was cute. I look at Harry. He is mine. This is my husband and no body else's. I look at my clothes. And my legs off to the right side on top of each other. And this is me.  Da end.  So Alice and Harry never have (their own) kids. (Because Alice found out she can't get pregnant). But they do adopt a boy and name it Thomas James Styles. The first name is dedicated to Alice's dad and the middle name is her grandfather who died on valentines day when she was fourteen. Which is the day the kid was adopted. (valentines day not in 2014) And they also adopt a little girl and name her Veronica Marie Styles.  Hailey ends up having twin boys. One names Niall James Horan the second and George Theo Horan. The names are all Niall's choices because Hailey had girl names picked out.  Perrie and Zayn adopted a little boy and name it Andrew Tyler Malik. No reason behind the names other that Zayn thought the name Tyler was cool.  Liam and Sarah also adopt a boy and name him Joshua James Payne. They thought out the names and talked it over and came up with this.  John and Emily have two kids (birthed by Emily) two girls three years apart. The oldest named Delilah Rose Page. And the youngest is Georgia Leanne Page.  The kids all the boys form a band. Thanks to Alice's links with Simon they were able to get a record deal. As for the girls their mothers spoil them so much. The fathers do too. But the like to embarrass their sons a lot too. 
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