This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


6. I hate to say this

I look at Sarah still smirking and say

"I did absolutely nothing just gave Mr. Payne a piece of my mind." Then Liam comes out and I give him a hug.

"Sorry bout that." I say and he says its ok. I smile. Then I look at the other four boys.

"Do I really scare you boys that much now?" I ask. They nod. I just crack up "Come on you all know me." I wink and Harry slowly starts to walk over. And he pokes me. On my shoulder.

"Can I speak with you for a moment in private?" He asks. I groan and go into a bedroom down the hall.

"Don't pull any of the shit that you pulled in the elevator again." I said purposely swearing because he supposedly finds that to be unattractive. And I'm trying my hardest.

"Oh don't worry. I wanted to ask you what happened? What happened to the bond we had?" He asks calmly.

"What happened to me is that I have been single and working my ass off because John won't pay the stupid house bills because he works in a fucking Nike store. As for us? Harry. I was your friend. Nothing more. One stupid little kiss in the dark. It was nothing else to me. Apparently a hell lot more for you though. And personally I took the chain of friendship that all six of us had and cut it into a million little pieces then burned them in a bonfire. And so help me God if I have a new chain I will brake that again because if I'm in any of your lives I am never alone. So that's what happened." I say. Quite proudly too. Looking him in the eyes. Well eyebrows. Close enough. He closes his eyes.

"Is that true. You never loving me?" He asks.

"You were a bit pushy with your kissing and dates. John just actually didn't want me around you guys anymore because you were bad news. So I moved out and never answered anyone's text because I didn't want to. I never deleted the numbers though. Wish I did. You if I ever replied called back or communicated with it would have been you. I just really didn't want to. I never planed on seeing that movie. Never wanted to smell that horrid scent you think is good smelling. I was never a directioner per say. But I knew if I got in contact with any of you I wouldn't handle it. I'd fall for you again." I say and I walk out of the room and Louis pulls me aside what the hell is going on tonight?

"I want the story and all of it. Why did you never reply but read the messages. Ignored the tweets, the interviews and become so sweet on the outside but basically a bitch on the inside." He demands.

"I never replied because I didn't want to. I saw the tweets just never peeped. Watched the in interviews saw you all look sad anytime my name was mentioned. And I changed because I didn't want to be recognized. By anyone but that failed. And I became this way because I wanted to. And I have been this way when you knew me. Just said the things in my head. That's all." I say. And I walk away

"I hate to say this but I'm sorry everyone. No more questions." I put my hands up in the air and they nod.

"Sarah." I walk to her. "How come you never told me this?" I ask.

"Because I didn't know how'd you take it. You've change a lot. And you know that." She says. I look at my phone.

"I'm leaving and Niall don't bother. It's not happening." I say. I tell John I'm coming home slip the phone in my pocket and walk out the house I plan on never visiting again. Hop in my car and drive home. I get out relived that Andrea isn't there and unlock the door John's asleep on the couch. The stupid movie is on the starting screen I turn off the tv and throw myself into my bed. And with in minutes I'm out and One Direction is in my head. This can't be good.

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