This is me

Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


9. I can't do this

I go to get the rest of my stuff out of the dressing room when I see a note. I read it and it says  Meet me at the park on the corner of  30th at midnight alone  No signature that's always. Good. I take the note and my purse and phone. I walk out and I see Harry leaning on a wall I walk pass him and he follows. I walk out to my car and I get in. He sits next to me. I start the car and say.

"Are you mad at me?"

"I sorta am. That song you wrote was about me and the boys." He says as I buckle up and back out of the parking space.

"Well you wrote that song about me." I say.

"Yeah but that was a nice song about me and you. This one was about you hating us." He says.

"I'm sorry. It was because when I'm annoyed I don't know. Sorry." I say.
"Thanks. Other than that the song was a-maz-ing" he says and I laugh a little. I drive to his house.  "Out boy!" I say.  "Aww. Come in with me!" He says.

"No!" I say. He pouts.

"No." He closes the door. I drive to my house and hop out.

"Hey John!" I yell. And he pops out out of the kitchen.

"Yellow!" He yells I go into the kitchen.

"So what's up? Did you see me sing?" I asks.

"Yeah I did!" He yells.

"So do you need anything?" I ask.

"Well actually yes. You know why I've been on and off with directioners." He says.

"Yeah. Why?" I say.

"Well I'm a new member of the crew for the tour and I wanted you to like them and all just…" I cut him off.

"I like them now. Your fine John." I say. And I smile. And he smiles back.

"Good." He puts out his arms.

"Bring it in." I laugh and hug him.

*eleven at night*

John fell asleep watching tv with me. I glance at the clock. I sigh and brush threw my hair get my car keys and my phone. I walk out the door and lock it. I go into my car and turn it on. Should I do this? To late. I pull out and I drive for a half a hour and get to the park. I pull in and I start to play games on my phone. It's eleven fifty-five and I get out of the car and walk to the swings were I can barley make out a body. I here a familiar voice say

"Thought you wouldn't show up."

"Cut to the chase I don't have all night. Who are you and what do you want." I say.

"Woh. I wanted it so you my face." He says and adds "but it's dark so…" he drags off and pulls me against him and presses his lips on mine. I lean back and say


"Got it." He says.

"Why so secretive?" I ask.

"What you talking about look at your phone." He says I pull it out and there is his text.

"Well. I've gotta go. The boys will wonder where I am." He gives me a kiss goodbye and he leaves. I sit on a swing and wait like two minutes and I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Hello." He says.

"What?" I say and I hear the swing next to me clink and I see the outline of the body.

"You need to know that every time you kiss Harry you break my heart a little. And it tears me apart. Please give me a chance. I know this is a lot to take in but I love you and I have for years." He says. I take a minute. Oh god. It's Louis.

"Louis?" I say.

"Yeah. What?" He says.

"Louis why? Louis I can't deal with this right now. Your a cute boy but I just can't. Lou. I-" he cuts me off by kissing me. Passionately and as usual I am awkwardly waiting for him to stop. Because I didn't kiss back. When he stops I say

"I need to go." I stand up and leave at that. I get in my car and drive back to my house. I can't do this.

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