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Alice meets the boys again. But three years later. And they find out who she really is. Does this cause Harry to not like her any more? Do they even stay together? Find out. (Sequel to 'I Can't Change)


15. brits 2018

I put my gold dress and black stiletto boots. The dress was different. It was glitter/sparkly. It was short. Above knee, tight, and top cut low (lol). I pull my hair out and Lou fixes my hair. I thank her and she redo's my make up to. I hug her and she asks me "Can you watch Lux tomorrow?" I nod and I walk out. And someone hugs me. I turn around and see Harry laughing.  "Harry!" I yell and he squeezes me lets go.  "I will see you. Later." He says and smirks. I shake my head. I had no clue where they had me sitting. I walk up the stairs in search of my seat. Then I found it. I sat down. I was next to Ed. This could get interesting. He nudges me with his elbow.  "Stop." I whisper. Then I see Harry walk up and sit behind me. No. Harry taps me on the shoulder  "How many are you nominated for?" He asks "For two. You guys?" I ask  "Four." He says. "What are they?"  "New artist of the year and best female solo artist. You?" I say  "The usual. Best band, best male group, best single, and best album." He say.  "Oh that reminds me. I'm in best single too." I say.  "May the odds be ever in your favor." He says. I laugh a little.  "To you too." I say. And then I direct my attention to the stage. Ed stands up and says he needs to go down to sing. I stand up and he walks past and Harry steals his spot.  "Harry!" I whisper yell. "You need to sit with the boys. They're announcing best band. Next."  "Fine." He mumbles. And gets up. And he goes back to his seat.  "And the best band nominees are…" and they rattle off the names. "And the award goes too…" they open the envelope. "One Direction!" I clap and Harry nudges me. I laugh a little as I see the boys walk down and laughing so hard. They get to he stage and Niall takes the mic  "I like to thank my lovely Haley Smickalas and Simon and the fans! We wouldn't be here with out you guys. Thank you!" Harry gets the mic.  "I think that all five of us should thank Alice for helping us in recording not one but two of our albums. Thank you." The cameras an me. I know because they have one of those huge screens and my face is on it. I smile and laugh. The boys walk up and Zayn's holding the award. I turn around and say "Good job boys." Then I go down because I announce Ed. I run backstage because I was stupid and there was just the commercials. Someone hands me a mic and it starts again.  "Three time nominee Alice Tomlison." I say  "This next performer is one of my personal friends. Everyone Ed Sheeren." And I stand there for like thirty seconds and walk off the little stage and give the mic back. And I listen to Ed singing. I walked back up and sat. After Ed's performance was the best female solo artist  "And the award goes to…" opens envelope "Alice Tomlison!" I stand up and hug the boys. I walk down and accept the award.  "Wow. Um. I don't know what to say. Um thank you to the fans. I guess to the boys. To my manager John. (Yeah he's the manager and her bodyguard). To Simon. That's about it. Thanks." I take the Brit and walk back up. I sit down and someone taps my shoulder I turn that way and Zayn says "Good job little one." I laugh and turn back around.  *three awards left*  "And the nominees for best single are Ed Sheeren Grade 8, One Direction Just Can't let her go, and Alice Tomlison We need to stop." I look at Ed. Then I realized that these songs are all really old. Well other than mine so how on planet earth did I get into this category? The world may never know. All I know is that I got no shot. This songs way to new. I'm way to new in the industry. Not enough fans.  "And the winner won by one vote.…" oh god. "Alice Tomlison We Need To Stop!" What? What? What?! I stand up and look at the others. They all shrug. I walk down and get the award.  "Thanks. Wow. I won by one vote. Well this is for you the mysterious one vote! Love you guys!" I walk down. This is not right. Then I ask the boys  "Do you know who was behind me." Louis pats on his chest.  "It happens to be the best male group and best band with the best album." He says. I laugh to myself.  "They may have the best album but they don't got the best single!" I say and I stick tongue out at him. And turn around. They announce another award and I didn't pay attention because Ed was standing up and he won some award. Then it was the final award best new artist. I have won every award I was nominated for. Which is pretty cool. They announce the nominees and I take a deep breath and hold it as they say. "The award goes to…what a surprise Alice Tomlison!" I let it out and smile and walk down.  "Thanks to the fans. Apparently I got a lot and love you guys!" I say. Then I go back to my seat as the closing performer is announced. They were good. I went backstage and got all of my stuff together and I went home. With Harry or so I thought. He took me to his place.  "Harry?" I ask  "Yeah babe?" He says. Did he just call me. Babe.  "Why am I at your house?" I ask.  "Hey you got some clothes here." He says. Oh yeah. I decided to use the clothes from the tour. And Harry took them.  "Still?" I ask.  "Because I want you here. We have some planing to do." He says. Oh lord.  "Oh yeah." I say." John needs me at home. Though." I say.  "You can talk to him tomorrow." He says. See this is why I don't like Harry that much.  "Ok." I mumble. I change into sweatpants of some kind and Harry's shirt. I walk out. And he smiles. Every guy likes seeing girls in their clothes.  "Looking good." He says I laugh.  "I wonder what it is?" I say.  "I dunno." He says and we both burst out laughing and some one comes in the door.  "Hello." I say and I see the four others. Wait five? "Hey John." I say. Oh he took me to the boys house. That explains my old clothes being here. Wait no  this is his house. Sleepover.  "SLEEEPOOOOVER!" Louis yells. I laugh. Then Sarah and hailey come traipsing in. I hug them.  "Congrats." They mumble. I thank them and we all eat. Then we play truth or dare.  "I'll start." I say. Hmm whom shall be my victim. "Louis! Truth or dare?" I ask.  "Dare." He says. Ok. Zayn on the left Harry on the right.  "You change clothes with the person on your left." I say.  "Please no." Zayn says.  "Please you gotta." I say. They get up and change they come back. And Louis says "Alice. Truth or dare?"  "Dare." I answer.  "Alright I want you to kiss Harry. With! With tongue." He says. I get up and Harry and I start up. He kisses me tongues explore mouths and Louis yells "Times up!" I go back and the game continues when Zayn asks Liam. We go on and then they all go to bed and Harry an I are alone in the kitchen talking.  "I love you." He says.  "You do now?" I say to piss him off  "Ya I do." He says.  "I don't believe that." I say. "Prove it." I say. Then he takes my hand pushes me up on the wall. And starts grinding his hips into my in and kisses me. His tongue in my mouth and he stops and takes me into his room.  "Did I prove it?" He says.  "I do believe so." I say and I lay down next to him. Is it gonna be like this forever? I don't know if I can handle it.
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