Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


25. you are what? And a fair warning

Louis P.O.V.
I walk into my hotel room after talking to one of the girls in the hotel room next to me. I think it was Rachel. And she's my age unlike most of Alex's friends. We exchanged numbers. I lay down on my bed I should be finding my swim suit but I just turn on the Telly when my phone buzzes. I see that is Eleanor. Crap. I don't want to talk to her.
"Hello." I say.
"We need to talk." She said.
"What about." I asked.
"About us." Crap. Is she braking up with me. Well we don't spend a lot of time together so I would do the same.
"I think that we need to go our separate ways. I'm tired of not seeing you for five months strait."
"Oh well. I see where your coming from. So mutual?" I asked.
"Mutual." She said.
"Well I need to go." I said and hung up. The next thing I did was to go on twitter. I saw Eleanor's page. She changed her status to single. So I did too. Then I put my phone down and went hunting for my swimming suit. I wonder about Zayn. How he will roll. He was putting on a brave face for Sid. I plan. On pushing Zayn into the pool. Once I am in my swimming trunks I pull out a shirt and I put it on and go back to laying on the bed. I lay there watching the Telly. I have no clue what I am watching. Then my phone rings it's Alex.
"Hello." I say.
"The pizza's here." She says.
"Oh ok I'll be right over." I say slowly.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"It's nothing." I say.
"It's nothing really I can tell your sad through the phone. Tell me what happened." She pleaded.
"Eleanor and I broke up." I said.
"What! That's not true! You two look so cute together." She said.
"It is true. Can we just not talk about it." I told her.
"Whatever you want. I'm coming over. Oh and you know that Olivia girl.  The one I told you guys about on the plane?"
"Yeah what about her?" I said worried.
"She's here." She told me.
"Oh well then this just got awkward. Bye bye." I said.
"Bye boo bear." She said and I hung up. Then there was a knock on the door. I go and open it and I see Alex.
"Come on we need to get everybody. I see your already in your trunks. I can't leave Harry in there with Olivia. She is crazy." We get everybody and bring them into the room. And tell them what's going on about Olivia. And Alex opens the door and we all go in. But Niall stood there in the door way.
"Oh. My. God." A short haired brunette girl with dark brown eyes said. That must be Olivia. I look over at Alex she is talking to Niall. Eventually he comes out of the door way and Olivia freaks out. It was funny but Niall was scared.
"Olivia! If you can't control your self I will make you leave!" Alex yelled at Olivia. Wow I felt bad for Hazza he was in here alone with her.
"Sorry. I just love you guys so much. And who are you other people?" She said pointing to Alex's friend.
"You know singing angels? Well they are the my friends from it. This is Rachel, Ben, Emily, Andrew and-" she was cut off by Niall.
"Toni my girlfriend." Niall said oh no. This just got real. Alex gave him a 'really?' Look.
"Oh as far as I knew you were single. How long have you two been together?" Olivia asks.
"Oh a few months." Then I walked over to him. And I whispered to him.
"What you know that this won't work."
"Sure it will." He said and I said
"Where's the pizza!?" I said that mainly to lighten up the mood. It also helped me saying it weird enough to get everyone to laugh.
"It's in the pizza box on the bed Lou." Harry said pointing to three boxes of pizza.
"FOOD!!!" Niall yelled and grabbed  all three boxes.
"NO NIALL YOU GET ONE BOX!!" Alex yelled.
"Which one?" He asks.
"The one on the bottom!" Alex laughs.
"Oh." Niall says as he puts the two slightly bigger boxes down and he runs to a table in the room and starts to eat it.
Alex's P.O.V.
"Is some of this for me?" Toni asks.
"Ha ha. No." Niall says. Then I grab the box for Louis, Liam, Ben, and Toni.
"For you three." I said pointing to them. Then I pointed to Harry, Andrew, and Zayn.
"For us." I said.
"What about Olivia?" Zayn asked grabbing a piece of pizza.
"She ate already." I said the I leaned in and whispered.
"And with what you know about her do you really want her to touch your food?" And I leaned out and grabbed my slice and walked over to Olivia. Everyone else was in their own conversation. I was trying to hear what Louis was talking about when Olivia whispers to me
"I can believe that Niall's dating her. She doesn't know anything."
"Excuse me but she is my friend. And maybe he saw your posts on Instagram because you tagged him so much and realized that he didn't like you that way." I said to her.
"Then why did he follow me? Why did they all follow me? On everything?" She said and I groaned and got up for a another slice and sat back down next to her.
"I told them to so you would be extremely happy because you told me what would happen if they followed you so I did." I told her and I took a bite of my pizza and she said
"You know that you are picking up a British accent?"
"I am. And I know. So who's coming to the show that get to find out that I am a pop star now?" I said. Mainly because I truly hated the kids that I used to go to school with and she was one but I could handle her. Sometimes. Other times she just pissed me off.
"Basically all the girls from our old school. And some other kids that I know." She replied.
"Oh those kids that where at one of the dances." I said.
"Yeah those ones." She said. And all of a sudden I felt two arms around my neck.
"BOO!" I heard some one yell and I screamed. And I turned around and it was Andrew.
"Andrew! What was that for!" I yelled at him.
"No reason." He said laughing with everyone.
"I want to go swimming now." I said getting up and grabbing my towel. And everybody followed and Olivia said
"You sure that Zayn will be ok?" I moaned because she was getting annoying with her facts that she thinks is true.
"Yeah he should be fine oh and fair warning we like to push people in, dunk them, and play chicken." I told her and I when to the boys and told them
"Make sure you push her in all of you."
"Did you really think that we wouldn't?" Liam whispered.
"I can never be to sure." I said as I hit the elevator button. Then I had to make sure that Olivia was away from the boys and the buttons so I pushed her to my friend from Ohio and Niall whispered in my ear
"Thanks." And I just chuckled a
"For now." And we were at the pool level and we walked out and unexpectedly Harry grabbed my hand. And I slid the key into the door and I walked in and I pulled of my cover and reveled my bikini and I walked up to the diving board and I was about to jump when I heard Harry laugh and his hands push me in. And I screamed and there was a huge splash as I fell in. When I surfaced I couldn't help but laugh and I got out of the pool and Harry pretended to shake behind Louis and I said
"I'll get you back soon Styles." And we all cracked up then all of my friends from singing angels jumped in and Olivia was standing on the edge in good pushing distance so I nod letting the boys know that that's the signal and they nod back and I walk over and say
"Why aren't you in?"
"I don't know I want to go in with you." She said and I nodded and the boys nodded back and I laughed and walked to the diving board knowing she wouldn't follow me. When I was a good distance the boys ran to her and they all pushed her in and I ran over to Harry because his back is to me and I pushed him in too. And we all laughed really hard. And I the four of us left jumped in together. Laughing still. When I got in Andrew screamed

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