Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


22. tour

"ALEX! WAKE UP!!!!" They all yelled at me and I fell onto the floor with my music still playing and Harry picked up my phone and said
"Really Alex. Your listening to 'Up All Night?'" And the rest of them laughed.
"Hey I was a directioner you know. And I still am." And then Harry helped me up.
"Are we in California yet?" I asked.
"Yes we are. You slept threw the landing. And Harry carried your bags onto the tour bus. We just had to get you up." Liam said.
"Oh." I said and I went to get off the jet but Harry picked me up over his shoulder and carried me to the bus that way. And when we got on the bus he didn't put me down.
"Harry put me down!" I said.
"No!" He said back.
"I carried your two big heavy bags to the bus. And you didn't thank me." He said.
"Oh thank you Harry." I said and he put me down and I kissed him. After I kissed him I looked around. Holy crap! This is amazing. I have always wanted to be in a tour bus, well for a tour, well whatever. I just hope that this won't bring back trip memories. I can't think of John right know. I look around the bus and try to find a bunk. Or at least where they are. They are in the back of the bus. I found one below Harry but above Louis. I found my suit case and found my sheets and comforter and do the bed and I see that there is a small billboard, a movie player and outlets. I pull out my phone charger second phone charger.(Don't you judge me readers). And I can't help but look at other people's bunks I see that Liam has toy story sheets. How predictable. Then I look at my sheets their purple but I brought my One Direction pillow. Crap prepare to be made fun of. I walk back and see Louis, Zayn and Liam playing a video game. Niall and Harry setting up a scrabble game. Crap I will have to play scrabble and I suck at it.
"Hey Alex come and play scrabble with us." Niall says and Harry pats to the spot next to him. I play for a while until I go back to my bunk.
"Don't get comfortable we will be at the hotel in five minutes." Harry says. So I just grab my phone off the charger and walk back.
*In the hotel room ten at night*
"Harry!" I yelled.
"What!?" He said mimicking my tone.
"What did you do with my phone?!"
"I have it in my hands."
"Well give it back."
"No!!" He said and he started running around the hotel room. And then he went out and I grabbed my room key and followed him. We had to be a sight to see because we here both still in our matching sweats but he didn't have a shirt on, and I was chasing him down the hallway in my ginormous purple slippers. People pulled out cameras to get us on. I don't blame them a celebrity couple is running down the hallway screaming I eventually got my phone back and I locked Harry out of the room that we where in.
"Ha! Harry I have my phone!" I mocked
"Good for you! LET ME IN!!" He yelled through the door and banging on it.
"No!" And then I went to shower and then when I walked out I was still in my sweats and a tee and I sat on the bed and the room phone rang. Crap I hope it isn't a fan.
"Helloooo?" I said.
"Hi it's Louis."
"Oh what's up?"
"Well we have a free day tomorrow."
"Can we go shopping pleaseee?"
"Yes we can."
"Is that why you called me?"
"No Harry's in here he wants to talk to you."
"Hey babe." I heard Harry say.
"What's up?"
"Oh nothing I just want to come into the room."
"Ok come in." I said because I caved in. The phone hung up and there was a knock on the door. I forgot that Louis was next door. I opened it.
"Helloooo." I said and Harry picked me up over the shoulder. And threw me on the bed.
"I still love you." He said.
"Oh yeah?"
"Good night Harry we already drove the people here crazy and who knows what God awful time Louis is waking me up tomorrow." I said.
"I blame Paul he gave him our room key."
"True. Love you night."
"Night love." And I closed my eyes.

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