Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


33. that's what happens

"I am so happy. The kids at that I used to go to school with didn't see what was coming. And they have backstage passes too." I said.
"Wait what? Are these the kid you despise?" Louis asked.
"Yep." I said.
"Then why did you have Olivia give them backstage passes?" Niall asked.
"Because they always loved you guys. And that they always teased be for my dream. And now that it came true I can show them that they shouldn't have bullied me." I said.
"That makes sense sorta." Liam said.
"Time to go to the meet and greet." Paul said standing in the door. These were different than our signings we would stand in a room and Paul would pick out some fans and we would hide and when they come in we come out and we sign stuff and pose for a picture. The picture can be whatever the fan wants. One time a fan had me on Harry's shoulders and she was on Zayn's and we had weird faces.
"Paul can you make sure that these girls can come in?" I showed them a picture all the girls. It was from a sleepover that I wasn't invited to. But Olivia gave me the picture for this purpose.
"At the same time or separate?" He asked.
"It would be best if they were separated." I said with a smirk.
"So pull them but not at the same time."
He said to make sure.
"Bingo." I said and I went into hiding. When Harry asked
"Where did you get that photo?"
"Olivia gave it to me it was a sleepover party that I wasn't invited to." I said.
"Oh." Harry said.
"What did I do wrong? Sure I sat next to Alex…" that's my que. I walked out and who did I see. Elena.
"Hi what seems to be the problem Paul?" I said laughing.
"Oh my God. Alex!" Elena said hugging me.
"Geez don't get too excited." I said.
"Why?" She asked and the boys came out.
"That's why." I said.
"Hi." Zayn said. And she almost fainted. She loves Zayn.
"What can I do for you?" I asked.
"Wait. So you're famous now?" Elena asked.
"Yeah. Yeah I am."
"Well I didn't see that coming." Elena said.
"Of course you didn't." I said.
"Now lets get this over with." Zayn said. Elena walked over to me.
"Good thing we're friends right?" The photographer to the picture and I said
"Far from. Now get out!" She left and Louis put his hand up and I hi fived it.
"That's what happens when you bully Alex!" I said. And the rest of the meet and greet when by slowly. At the end I sighed
"Well I got to go now." I said. And I went to take my makeup off. Then I went to the van and everyone followed. I had packed earlier do everything was already in there. We rode to the air port. And said my good byes and hugged Harry tight. And before I knew it I was back in England. And it was like two in the afternoon. I got my stuff. Got swarmed by fans. And went to the limo. It was different with me being the only one in it. The limo took me to the studio.

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