Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


36. six in the morning

Alex's P.O.V.
I was in the shower rethinking what just happened. Could he been telling the truth. But Peter has been gone for years. I can't think of this.  Right now. I shook my head as turned off the water. And walked out I changed into a Aeropostale dark green T-shirt and skinny jeans and a long sleeved jean jacket. I put on coffee brown eyeshadow and light pink lipgloss. I curled my hair and when I finished my phone rang. It was my dad.
"Hello." I said. I was wondering why my dad was calling me at five in the morning.
"Hey kiddo. You have school today." He said. Oh yeah. I forgot about school and it was forth quarter. I missed a quarter of school. But I had tutoring.
"Ok. What time." I said.
"Six. It lets out in time for you to get to the studio with John. Keep in mind he goes to school with you." My dad said. I bet that John woke him up. He never wakes up this early. I have to get to the house. Because I don't know the address. I left everybody a note. And I left. I got to my house. Got out. And pulled out my keys and went into the house. I sat on the couch. It was now five thirty. John came in threw the patio door and grabbed my hand. Pulling me into the car. I sat in the passenger seat.
"Can we stop at Starbucks. I'm still half asleep." I said.
"Sure." John said. Pulling into Starbucks. He got a frappe for me.
"Thanks." I said taking a drink. He drove another five minutes. And parked the car I sat in the car and pulled out my phone. I went on twitter. I sat there until John said
"We need to get out like now." I nodded I still had my Starbucks but I put on my sunglasses grabbed my 'LOVE PINK' bag that's now for school. And walked out. I went to the office with the help of John picked up my textbooks and locker number and code. John directed me to my locker. It was huge. I shook my head as I opened it and I decorated it with the photo shoot pictures I did with the boys. And I put a mirror, dry erase board and a bulletin board  in. I grabbed my math book and headed of to Geometry.
"Aren't you in geometry too?" I asked John.
"No I'm in history. Sorry." He said. I nodded and hunted for the building. It was in a building with art. I walked in and I went to the teacher and he gave me a seat. It was next to a guy by a window he didn't realize who I was until the teacher said my name
"Mrs. McGill would you please take off your glasses." I nodded and took them off as everybody stared at me. As soon as they came off everybody freaked out. For the rest of the class I felt people staring at me. I tried to pay attention but I learned this already. As soon as the bell rang I got up and went to art. I sat down in the front of the class. I love art. I asked the teacher if I could keep my sunglasses on and she said yes.
"And please don't introduce me." I said.
"Sure. No problem. But could you sign this for me when your doing your project. It's for my little kid. Ashlie. I'll give you a paper that shows you how to spell it. Please." The teacher said.
"Sure." I said with a sigh. And sat down. I didn't know who was in this class. Someone sat down next to me.
"Hi I'm Nikki." The girl said. Wait I know that voice. Could it be my best friend from Ohio?
"I just moved here from Brunswick, Ohio.  What's your name." That did it. It's her. What do I say. 'I know who you are.' That's stupid. I said.
"I'm Alex. I just moved a few months ago." I told her.

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