Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


23. shopping trip

*In the morning.*
"WAKE UP KID!!" Louis yells at me and Harry holds me closer.
"No!" I yell.
"Come on boo bear five more minutes." Harry said.
"No!" Louis yells. And pulls me and Harry apart.
"Where some thing with stripes!" He yelled at me as I was looking at my clothes. I pull out a Louis look-a-like outfit that my friends got me as a joke. It is a medium sleeve blue and white striped shirt, red skinny jeans, suspenders and grey converse. I look in the mirror and laugh at myself. I do my make-up and I do a side fishtail and put two small fake dandelions, and a thin headband. With those touches I look so different. I also put on a striped case on my phone. And I walked out of the bathroom. Harry laughed and Louis took a picture of me.
"Alright let's go get some laughs from fans." He said putting on his sunglasses and I happened to have similar glasses. We walk out into the lobby and we take pictures with fans that are in the lobby and we rent a car and go to a mall. Thank God I remembered my gift cards from Toni. We found a mall and we walked in and I found Aeropostale and we went in and Louis asked
"Can I pick out an outfit for you? Pleasee?"
"Sure." I said.
"Yay!" He squealed and I laughed. I started to look through the racks and I found the best outfit to wear to the beach with Harry. It was a green knit sweater. And I found a pair of light jean shorts. I went to show Louis and he already pick out a outfit. It was pair of high waisted jean shorts. That he paired with a pinkish floral sleeveless shirt and a tan jacket.
"Wow Louis you have great taste in clothes!" I said.
"I know now go try it on!" He said excited. I walked into the dressing room area and Louis sat down and I got my number and was directed to a dressing room and Louis got up and sat in the chair in front of my dressing room. I first put on the outfit I picked out and he said.
"It looks cute on you. Are you and Harry planing on going to the beach later?"
"Yep." I said as I went back into the dressing room and tried on his outfit. I was surprised that it fit me perfectly. I put the jacket on. Holy crap I look amazing. I walk out and Louis puts a red beaded necklace on me and I hug him.
"Thanks so much Louis!" I said. And I changed into my clothes. I walked out and I grabbed a pair of new sunglasses and a light pink rose floral crown. It was small but it matched the outfit that Louis bought me. Then I found the perfect pair of sandals to go with my outfit for the beach. And I walked over to the check out line. And I bought every thing with the two gift cards and I went over budget so Louis paid for the rest.
"Thanks boo bear!" I said and he laughed. And we walked out.
"Can you change into the outfit I chose? It will make me feel less like I have a twin sister." Louis said.
"No problem." I said and we walked into a Starbucks and I changed in the bathroom and I walked out. In the outfit floral crown, sunglasses and necklace. I even took my fishtail out. But my shoes didn't match.
"I think you need matching shoes." Louis said.
"You think?" I said.
"Yeah I think." He said and we ordered our drinks and we walked out an we walked to a shoe store and we ran into Niall and Liam.
"Hey!" Liam screamed.
"A-A! Your here!" Niall yelled.(he calls me A-A now!)
"Hey boys! Why are you here?" I asked.
"Niall needs new high-tops." Liam said.
"I see that Louis picked out and outfit for you." Niall said.
"Yeah." I said.
"Can we pick out an outfit for you too?" They asked. Great by the end of this day I will have clothes from all of them.
"Sure." I said and Louis and I went to pick out shoes that match this outfit. And he chose a pair of light brown pumps. I tried them on and went to check out and Louis bought them.
"You know I am capable of buying my own things right?" I said to Louis as we walked to a bench so I could put the shoes on.
"No way! I had no clue!" He said as we sat down. I just drank my drink and we both finished and we threw our cups away and Niall and Liam came out.
"To Hollister!" I said. This time I just gave them my sizes and sat down next to Louis. Niall can back first with his outfit. It was something I'd wear in England. A red, white and black knit jacket with a black T-shirt and a pair of red ripped skinny jeans. That my grey converse would match. Then Liam came over with a grey sweater that would be lose at the bottom and a pair of low waisted jean shorts.
"Go on now try them on!" They said. I tried them both on and I went to check out and went over again and Liam and Niall both payed. And we where getting hungry so we went to the food court. Niall had Wendy's, Louis and I had subway, and Liam had McDonalds. We all went to look for a table and guess what? We ran into Harry and Zayn both devouring Chinese food.
"I see that the boys did some shopping for you." Harry said.
"I want to pick out and outfit for you!" Zayn said.
"Me too! It would only be fair!" Harry said.
"Ok." I said and I sat down and ate my sub. I took he longest. The boys devoured their food.
"Prepare to have us shopping with you be on twitter or fan websites by tonight." Harry said.
"I can see the headline now. Shopping trip." Louis said.
"How creative." I said as we got all got up and walked to Forever21. I could see the people take pictures of us with their phones the paparazzi taking there pictures. And I told Zayn my sizes. Because Harry already knows and they went into the store. I sat on the overly crowded bench and we talked for a bit. We where interrupted by Zayn sitting on Liam's lap. He was holding up an outfit. It was a black and white jumper. The bottom was black and there was a black cross in the the white top part. It was strapless and he had a dark green jacket and a pair of black boots with heels.
"What do you think?" He said.
"It's different." I said when Harry came back and sat on Louis lap.
"Hey! Get off Hazza!" Louis yelled at Harry.
"Come on boo bear." Harry said and he stood up to show me a black tube top with a zipper in the front. That he paired with dark green shorts and a white denim vest that has studs on the shoulder to collarbone area.
"Umm.…" I said.
"Go try them on!" Harry said. And I walked to the dressing rooms followed by One Direction. I was directed to a room and they all sat in front of it and I walked in. Tried on Zayn's outfit walked out and went back in and changes into Harry's choice it looked a lot better than I thought it would. I walked out and walked back in changed back into the outfit that Louis bought and I went to the register. I went Over as usual. Harry and Zayn payed. And I walked out with my five bags. All on my arms. I gave Harry two bags and Louis one.
"I need matching shoes!" I said and I ran into the shoe store and bought shoes that matched Liam and Harry's outfit. And before any of them could pay I bought them and I gave Liam my shoe bag and Zayn the bag I was holding before. I turned around and to a picture of them holding my bags. And laughed. I walked to Victoria Secret. Louis gave me money because he didn't want to go in so all of them sat in a massaging chair and I laughed and walked in. And I bought some new perfume, and bras. I checked out with my own money and got a bag and walked out. All the boys jumped up and I said
"Let's go." and they all walked out. Happily. And I laughed and they all put every thing in the trunk and I drove to a drug store to buy the best hair chalk. I bought all four colors and walked out with Louis and he went to the driver seat. And I sat in the passenger seat. And Louis said.
"I do not want to another store today." And I laughed. And he drove back to the hotel. The boys where in the parking lot and when we got in they came up and took their assigned bags up to our floor. And when we got there there where people pulling out there phone and I unlocked Harry and mines room and they all put the bags on the floor and sat on the the floor.
"Let's go to the beach for the rest of the day!" Harry said.
"Cool!" They said and they went into there rooms to change and I went into the bathroom to change into my bikini and the outfit I just bought and came out. Harry was pulling his pants over his trunks and he had a plaid T-shirt on. I laughed and he got his pants on and the rest of the idiots came in and I laughed because Zayn fell.

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