Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


15. matching

*friday night after rock climbing with everyone. We pick up at Alex's house*
"Good night Harry" I said and I kissed him on the cheek.
"The song drops tomorrow." Harry said. As I closes the door. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Great. This is my last night to myself. I go on the computer and see a picture
of Harry and I kissing in the theater parking lot.
'Alex is seen'
it said. Harry mentioned us dating and the song that we recorded in an interview. I close my computer and lay down and fall asleep.
"Alex I love you and I can't hide it any more." John said leaning in to kiss me.
"I love you too. But we ne-" John cuts me off kissing me passionately. I smile against his lips.
"John I love you so much. Never leave me." I said in my bed room laying down.
"I won't. Don't worry." He says climbing into my bed. I turn around and I see Harry.
"When did you-" he cuts me off by kissing me.
"I love you." He said.
"But I don't love you that way." I said. -(end of dream this has to do with later in the story!)
"GOOD MORNING SLEEPY HEAD!!!!" Is what I woke up to. I pull the sheets over my head and mumble
"Go away!" I realized it was the boys again.
"NO GET UP!" Louis yells as Liam pulls the sheets off of me. Then Niall picks me up and runs down stairs. And I smell bacon. Niall is still carrying  me and he hands me to Zayn and he carries me out the door an it's cold. It snowed over night and he throws me out into the snow and runs inside. Then Harry runs out the door in boxers and I start laughing really loud.
"You liiiiiikkkkkkkeeeee?" He says.
"It's hilarious." I say.
"What's going on out there!" My dad yells out the window.
"We're discovered get inside." Harry says grabbing my hand pulling me out of the snow. And we run inside laughing.
"Go put on pants Harry." I say.
"Whyyyyyyy?" He says in a wining tone.
"My dad will be down in a minute and I don't want my boyfriend to look like my dad." I say.
"What?!" They all say looking at me.
"My dad wakes up like that. He goes to sleep in his boxers. Also I don't think that-" I look around and see that they are all in there boxers and I start laughing really loud and my dad walks down the stairs.
"Good mor-" he said and he starts laughing with me.
"I great my dad and friends are matching." I say as I put my head into my hands.
"Yes!!!" They all say as they hi-five each other.
"Go put on pants all of you!!" I yell
"Nooo!" They all say.
"Fine." I say crossing my arms.
"We win!!!" They all say putting there arms up in the air.
"We have a concert today." They announce.
"Have fun." I say.
"WE have a concert." Harry says.
"By we you mean me too. Don't you?"
"Yes." Liam said.
"Ok but I hope for the concert you will ALL have pants on." I say pointing at each of them
"We will also have an interview before the show too." Niall says.
"That means me too." I say.
"Yes it does we are introducing you and Harry as a couple to the world and that you have a song and you and Harry will perform it. Oh an this is on tv." Louis says.
"Oh." Is all I could say. Then Zayn puts a plate of bacon in front of me.
"You'll be fine. Don't worry." He says to me rubbing my back.
"Good luck baby." My dad says. Kissing my forehead. And all the guys start laughing.
"Shut up!" I yell and they all stop.
"What time are we leaving?" I ask.
"Noon." Niall says. I look at the clock and its eleven.
"I am going to get ready." I say walking to the stairs.
"Don't do your hair special the people at the show will do it for you!" Louis yells. I walk into my room and I see John sitting on my bed.

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