Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


30. kiss

I ran out and the music started. After the second song I said
"How's everyone this afternoon?" And my reply was a bunch of screams.
"That sounds good. Well I wanted to bring out a good friend of mine." I said and Zayn ran out on stage. And said
"Vas Happenin?" And everybody screamed and the music started. We sang and I ran off and the boys came on and sang. I had to run and change Liam's next ok. I changed and put on shoes. And ran. I got my earpiece and put it in. I forgot to put it in last time. I was just in time. But they didn't see me and I ran on the opposite side that they ran off.
"Hello again everybody!" I said into my mic and the music started. I sang two songs and then I said
"Well you all know what's next!" I said and Liam jogged out
"Yellow!" He said and we sang I ran off the boys came back on. I have four more outfit changes.
"Niall here we go." I said as I changed and ran back to the side of the stage. Putting in my earpiece as I ran. I was running behind. By the time I got to the side of the stage I had to go on stage I had my mic thrown to me. And I ran.
"Alright here we go. Over again. I need my life to slow down. I'm tired of the fast lane. I want you by my side." I sang. Because the music started before I was on stage.
"Alright I'm ready to bring out my fellow Irish buddy." I said as Niall came out he high fived me and he said
"Well well well. She's Irish too." And I laughed and grabbed my water bottle and took a drink.
"Let's start." I said and Niall laughed and he sang
"Some things lead to good, others bad. But finding you was the no incident." We finished and I when to change and said
"Louis' turn." As I changed I ran back on stage because the boys weren't singing this time. Because Louis is already on there stalling for me.
"Here she is!" Louis said.
"Whatever. What on earth were you talking about anyway?" I asked Louis.
"I was telling everybody how you moved to London from here and how hilarious it was when we got here."
"Oh ok. Lets sing." I said and the music started.
"Let's go back in time. And take a moment to realize how we got here." I sang. When we finished Louis said bye to the crowd and walked off stage. I sang two more songs and I ran off stage. The was a really long intro (with music) for this number. So I changed so quickly it was funny. I ran back to the side of the stage and started to sing. Thank God I start it off stage.
"Now I believe in fairy tales and chasing down your dreams. But I can't convince myself that every thing is real." It was 'what happened to imagination'. When that was done the wall came down and I heard foot steps and the crowd ooo'ed and I heard Harry chuckle. I took my place on the 'x' opposite of Harry's and we started to sing 'when I close eyes'. I don't know why but this time it was different. Like it had more feeling in it. When the refrain came Harry opened the door in the wall so that he could come over. And we continue to sing. At the end Harry had pulled me in to face him. His free hand on my waist. My free hand on his chest. And we kept singing the last line and at the end Harry put his other hand on my waist and I put my arms around his neck. This was not choreographed. But we did it anyway. When we did that the crowd chanted
"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!…" and Harry said
"Why not I won't see you again in till next month." that was true and with the crowed still chanting he leaned in and kissed me passionately and the crowd went wild. The stage blacked out and we when under and we pulled apart.
"I need to change." I said. It was intermission. I had fifteen minutes. I changed and the stylist curled my hair quickly. And I walked back to the stage. If I ran I would fall these were like five inches tall. Harry bought them for me one day when we were together. And I never thought I would wear them.

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