Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


16. interview

"Morning Beautiful. I don't like you dating Harry. I love you to much." He said getting up.
"Well you will have to deal with it. I love you too. But I can't do this right now. I was avoiding you and now I'm not. I just want to be friends right now. I have to shower. Time to go." I say pointing to the door. And he leaves with a frown on his face. I hate seeing him frown its like a death sentence to me. I shake my head and grab my Blue fitted T-shirt and a pair of black leggings and walk to the shower door. I sing in the shower out of habit. Which I need to stop soon. I sing the duet that Harry an I sing together but solo. And I continue to sing when I get out and I didn't realize that I was singing a One Direction song. 'One Thing' to be exact. When I finished getting dressed I put my hair in a ponytail and walked to the door still singing. When I open then door all the boys were dressed and fell onto the floor.
"Where you listening to me?" I asked as they were sprawled out on my bathroom floor trying to get up because I wasn't helping them
"Yes." They say when they get up. And I walk to my room.
"I like your outfits much better now."  I say.
"Liar!!" They all say. Running up to me and pulling me down the stairs.
"What are you doing with my daughter!" My dad yells when we pass him and they all let go of me.
"Nothing." They all mumble and I laugh really hard and I'm thrown out the door into the snow and I run back inside.
"That's not nice." I say.
"Well it's not nice to laugh at us." Louis says.
"And if you do you get thrown out the door." Zayn  said to me.
"We need to go for the interview like now." Liam said and I was pushed out the door and into a big black van that Louis is driving. As we are in the van driving the boys make me sing there songs and I can't help but laugh the whole time because they are making silly faces the whole time. When we get there we are all escorted into a room and then that's when the stylists walk in and they pull me aside and do my hair in a up-do and then as I walk out of the chair they pull me and hand me a navy blue dress and matching stilettos and I say.
"Am I supposed to wear this?" And the boys start laughing and I turn around and give them a look and they stopped.
"Yes there is a dressing room for you on the other side of the hall we need to work on the boys." Said one of the stylists pushing me out the door and I walk into my dressing room and I get dressed and a person knocks on the door
"Come in!" I say and in walks another stylist.
"I need to do your make up." They said pulling me in to another seat. It takes fifteen minutes for her to do my make up. When she's done I look in the mirror and see that she did navy blue shadow on my eyes.
"Thank you." I say as she walks out. Then a stage manger says
"Five minutes Miss. McGill." And I walk out and she directs me to the corner of the stage and I am getting my mic put on when I see that the boys are already out on stage.
"Let's welcome Alex McGill! Harry Styles girlfriend!" The host of the show says. Oh God. This is happening I think then I am pushed out onto the stage. And I hug the host.
"My name is Dylan." He says and I turn around to sit down when I see all the seats are taken and Harry pats on his lap and I sit on it. And the crowd awwww's and then Dylan says
"Well this is a cute couple. So I hear that you are starting up a career as a performer. Is it true?"
"Yes it is true."  I say
"Alex and Harry are doing a duet." Louis says.
"It came out today." Harry said.
"Well that's amazing I can't wait to hear it." Dylan says and we talk a little more and then Dylan says
"When we get back Alex and Harry will perform 'When I Close My Eyes'." Then a sign said three minutes. And then Harry dragged me up to a stand that's a little higher than the rest of the stage. And we do a short sound check.
"In five four three two one." Someone says
"Welcome back to Dave Arron's show! Now for Alex and Harry singing 'When I Close My Eyes.'" And then the music starts and I start singing.
"I take a deep breath in."
"As I wait for you." Harry
"Even though I know you won't be there when I let go." Me
"Then I lay down wanting your arms wrapped around me." Harry
"I just want my dream to become a reality." Me Then we both sang
"When I close my eyes. When I dream all night about you. I don't want to wake up 'cause when I close my eyes. I see you standing there and you know who I am 'cause you want me there."
And we continue the song and we get a standing ovation. And we left and went into the van. That Paul is driving now.

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