Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


29. I need you

Alex P.O.V.
I wake up to Harry shaking me. But I didn't want to move and I just stayed there for a few minutes I thought Harry gave up but I suddenly he pulls the sheets from under me and I fell on to the floor.
"What was that for?!" I yelled at him.
"Get up we have to go to practice!" Harry yelled throwing clothes at me. It was the white 'crazy mofos' shirt that Niall gave me. With a pair of waist high black jean shorts that Perrie got me when I was shopping with Eleanor (and Perrie) before her and Louis broke up. (I secretly am still friends with them.) I went to the bathroom and changed and came out.
"That looks better than I thought." Harry said. I laughed and put on a pair of converse but Harry was holding a pair of black heels. I laughed and put them on instead. He was so much taller than me it was funny. I looked more his hight in the heels. I grabbed my purse and phone and we went down to breakfast. Everyone was already up.
"I like your shirt." Niall said poking me as I sat next to him.
"I wonder why." I said poking him back. We were in a full blown poking war when my phone rang. I had to stop. I looked at it and say that it was Simon.
"I gotta take this." I said and I walked into a hallway.
"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Hi Alex. I need you in the studios. I have booked you a flight back already. We need to make an extended version of your cd." Simon said. I could tell he was rushing.
"Ok. But I thought we already did that."
I said.
"We did but the fans want more." Simon said.
"Oh alright I'll see you tomorrow." I said into the phone and hung up. I almost threw it into the wall I was so mad. I pulled my self together and walked back in the room.
"Who was that?" Liam asked.
"Simon." I said putting food into my mouth.
"What did he want?" Niall asked me.
"He wants me back in the studio tomorrow. He already booked a flight." I said sadly.
"We'll that stinks. I wanted to see more of where you use to live." Harry said.
"We'll I can't help it. I would. Maybe I disappear for awhile. But I'd obviously still call." I said.
"Trust me I would too." Niall said. I sighed. I might actually do that. But where would I go?
"Well Toni knows everything. She knows where I lived And grandma knows her. So Toni can you give them a tour?" I asked
"Sure anything for my best friend." Toni said. Will go with that. I know my best friend is Nikki. I would see her next week if I didn't have to go back to London.
"Come on we have to practice." I said standing up. They all got up and we went to the van. No shocker Paul was in there. I hopped in and we were off. We talked for a while. When we got there I was told that there would be two acts. A solo act for me with the guys popping in and out for so some songs. When my set was finished the boys started and there set and I was in that for the songs I knew and I was told I'd have to change for that set. Whatever. I have to change five times in one hour(my set). Good thing I am use to that. I had to do that when I was in singing angels. I grabbed the five outfits.
"What's the one for when I'm on with the boys?" I asked.
"What your wearing." The stylist said.
"What?" I asked very confused.
"Look at the clothes in your hands." She pointed to the pile of clothes in my hands. I looked it was the clothes that all the boys bought me.
"Oh." I said and I walked out. I looked in my dressing room and saw list of the order I have to wear the clothes. I am wearing in order Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and last Harry. Go figure. The last song I do is the duet with Harry. But I am also wearing the outfits the boys bought me when I am doing a duet with them. I put on the outfit. Put on the shoes and go to hair and makeup.
"Hello." I said walking in.
"A-A!" Niall said as I walked in to all the boys sitting on a couch.
"What's up?" I asked before sitting on the chair for the lady to do my hair.
"Well really the only one that needs to get ready is you." Louis said.
"True. True. Well Zayn does too." I said then I realized that he wasn't there.
"And what do you think he's doing?" Liam said.
"Oh well. Yeah." I said. I realized that the stylist finished straightening my hair and was now putting in blue hair chalk on the ends.
"Now you boys need to get out. I can't let you see Alex till you go on stage." The stylist said pointing to the door.
"Fine. See you on stage. Brake a leg." Harry said and I was kissed on the cheek by all of them as the left.
"What are to makeup wise?" I asked.
"Um foundation, and eyeliner." She said.
"Really that's all?" I asked
"Yep. Know stay still" she said as he started to put on foundation. And in like two minutes I and to go. I was directed to a side of the stage. I was given the mic the boys gave me. And I started my warm ups. Then I was told to be quiet. And I was queued to go on stage.

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