Alex is just a 17 year old girl moving from Cleveland Ohio. She moves with her (old boyfriend) John which the two never properly healed from the terrible brake up. They run into an old friend of Alex's named Sydney. Sydney called up her boyfriend Zayn and the others tagged along. What happens when Alex meets the boys? Does John get jealous?


39. are you ready

Alex's P.O.V.
"Get up! I need to get you ready!" Nikki yelled at me pushing on the bed. I am done recording I have a show to do with John. Make a music video. And release an album. But it's all with. John. I want to be with Harry and everyone else. I finally got up and Nikki was holding a outfit for me.
"Go put this on." She said giving it to me. I sighed and went into the bathroom to change. It was the outfit Niall bought me. I put it on and came out and Nikki clapped with approval.
"Thanks. Why am I wearing this? You know what do what you want to me." I said. At this point I really don't I have been away from my happiness I just want to get away from my life. At this point Nikki had me in a chair. She was curling my hair.
"Done." She said. In the end in had silver earrings in. And the things I got for my birthday. I got up
"Don't you want to see yourself before we leave?" She asked.
"Nope." I said grabbing my purse and phone. I didn't have any homework last night so I left my bag at school. My purse was oversized. But I didn't care. I haven't cared for the whole time. I missed my life.
"I wish you cared more about what you look like." Nikki said.
"I do. Just not at the current moment." I said walking out the door.
"I was wondering how you looked so good on your posters." She said. I laughed. As we got in the car.
"Are you excited for the concert?!" Nikki yelled as I drove to school.
"Sorta. I mean I get to sing with little mix. Then John." John and I got closer this past week. I feel more comfortable  around him. When I pulled up to the parking spot John comes out of his car next to me. I put my sunglasses on and smiled. As I got out. We left early to day. We needed to get Nikki a pass. We all went to the office. And got her a pass.
"You ready for today John?! Your first concert!" I yelled.
"Absolutely!!" He yelled back.
"And Nikki! You ready to see a concert from the front row?!" I yelled laughing
"Totally!" She yelled laughing too. We were at school early and we didn't have to go to our classes. For some reason school starts at eight on Fridays. So we where being ourselves. Acting so weird. I never get to see John that way. He is always so serious. We were goofing around when someone tapped my shoulder. I turn around a see some girl.
"Hi can I have your autograph? I love your work. I love your sound. It's independent and sweet. Your song 'see what happens' with 1D." I smiled. I think that she's a eighth grader shadowing.
"Sure. What's your name?" I asked
"Maria." she said smiling. I was about to turn around after signing her poster. I wonder how people can carry those around. Or why. John nudged me and said
"Look at her shirt." He said. It was one of the tour shirts. I smiled. And we parted and went to our classes. Geometry. Great. I hated the teacher. He thinks that because I'm famous I didn't get an education. I sat threw the class board but I had to act like I was paying attention, and taking notes. Because I knew that people look up to me. I practically ran into art. Nikki came running threw the door. We both bursted out laughing. She sat next to me.
"Let me guess your class took forever?" I said to her.
"Yep. Yours too?" She asked.
"Bingo." I said. We had a free day so I told her how to act during the sound check. At the end of the class we ran out the door and met John in the court yard.
"Ready…to…go?" I asked breathing fast.
"Yep!" John yelled. We all ran into our cars. I sat in the driver seat and put the key in. I drove to the arena and gave Nikki her VIP pass.
"Come on Nikki." I said getting out of the car. She had a smirk on her face she was trying to hide but failed. When I finally got into the arena. Little mix was there. We were so excited.
"Is Sid and Eleanor coming?" Perrie asked.
"Yes!" I said. We loved being around each other because we all get each other. I can't wait for Monday. The boys are coming back. I miss them so much. I skipped to the stage. Little mix and I finished our songs and John and I sang our songs and we finished. I could tell John was excited. I had to change and so did everyone else. Little mix and I shared a dressing room. I was the first to get my clothes. I had a bright pink tank top pairs with shinny black skinny jeans and  white high-tops. I went into hair and makeup and the lady said
"You made my job easier today."
"How?" I asked very confused.
"I just have to touch up your curls. An do your makeup." She said smiling. I was done quickly. I got up and went back to the dressing room. Everyone was done. Nikki was so excited she was practically jumping.
"Gees Nikki. Dial it down." I said.
"Sorry. I'm just so excited to see you preform!" She almost yelled.
"Yeah. I can see that. Now if you don't want to get mobbed-" she cut me off
"Mobbed why would I get mobbed?" She asked. I turned on my phone and showed her the pictures on one of my fan sites. And her Instagram account. She didn't even notice.
"That's why." She said. I nodded and continued.
"If you don't want to get mobbed you should go like now." I said. She hugged everyone and wished us good luck. I was really bored for five minutes. Full honesty I had no clue someone could be that bored in that short amount of time but its possible.
"Alex your on in two." Someone said. I was happy I was in high-tops. I could run. I ran out to the stage and my mic was thrown to me I was walking around the stage.
"Five, four, three, two…" the curtain went up.

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