The Runaway

I didn't mean to hurt them...hurt any of them. I didn't mean for it to go this far. I didn't mean to tell so many lies. I didn't mean to get involved in any of this.


2. Chapter. 1

Lilys P.O.V

I love school. you know I'm the kind of goody - two - shoes kind of girl in your school. That was up until Niall left me i started hanging out with the bad kids, kids i shouldn't have been hanging out with because one mistake can mess up your entire Life,  Niall Horan yes from one direction with his other mates Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn . yes i was Niall Horan's Best Friend then the block of fame hit him and he left me by my self with no goodbyes. It made me sad to know he'd just leave like that, anyways as i was saying about the bad choice of people , now since my worst decision was that and now the government wants me for something i have never done, I'm a huge coward so you know what i decided to run away i left my parents a note saying bye and i love you and that ill never forget them. but before i ran away i decided i needed to change my look. I cut my beautiful blonde hair short and dyed it black. pack my clothes and as much food as i can into my bag and ran away without looking back I'm leaving and might never come back. I told my parents to not come looking for me it would be a waste of time. when i left the house i took about $500 dollars for me to spend. i decided to go away to London i didnt wanna waste me money on an airplane so i stole someones airplane ticket and left them fifty dollars instead Aha. but i got on and rested my legs i fell asleep on the way there when i got there i decided to stay in a hotel. i went inside bought the cheapest suite and put my stuff away i cooked supper. then decided to get to know this place. Even though its 11:00 pm. i left with my hat, jacket and mittens and walked around. I went into a bar Had a couple of beers and that got me drunk enough i got kicked out for doing something stupid. I was about to pass out and the last thing i heard was " Lilly ?"  The voice sounded so familiar.  

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