Delilah: Confused Love

Delia is a 16 year old girl living in Pittsburgh. She dances, cheers, and makes all her friends laugh. Although she may smile, she has cried the most...


2. Allan

He was sweeter than honey and Sweet Tarts put together. 

Allan was a part of the Spiders, and to add the co-head for the dance team. He was an amazing dancer and he made sure everyone knew it. He would perform 110% everytime. That shows dedication and I like people who are dedicated to another person! If you know what I mean! 

And for an added bonus, he was so handsome! And he was such a gentleman! Well, most of the time at least. Allan was exactly six feet tall and had the bluest eyes anyone has ever seen. They were bluer than water in the Caribbean! He had jet black hair with brown highlights that flopped over his thin face. So in a few words: Allan was an angle sent by the heavens!

I had slowly begin to give up on David and Sloan but I still had hope for Sean. But I was too busy with Allan to worry about some boring kid from my school. I mean would you rather have a crush on a kid you barely know and doesn't even begin to compare with Allan or someone you know really know and is an angel. I would rather have an Angel Allan.

David was dating Morgan and Sloan was looking at another girl no matter how close I sat next to him or partnered up with him. He always talked to and played with the school slut, I mean school cheerleader, Nicolette. School cheerleaders don't do half of what we do in competitive cheering. All they do is act stupid, play with their hair, and have sex with one of the football players. Our school was number one in the county for teen pregnancies. 

As soon as I got them out of my head my whole life revolved around Allan, even though we weren't dating. It wasn't official but we always would text each other every single night. He would come over and watch me practice my solo act. Allan was always there for me.

Then every morning before class started, I would show Linda and Lydia the conversation I had with Allan that night. Lydia got a little tired of it. I think she was still moping around ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, James the Asshole. He was such a jerk and constantly cheated on Lydia without her knowing. But Linda was always there for me. She would listen to me go on and on about Allan. She would listen, watch his Vines with me, and so much more! 

Then one night I had the greatest conversation I had with anyone, ever! It was around midnight after a day of competing. I was in six events in all and I was so tired but I couldn't fall asleep. That's when I felt my phone vibrate. It was a message from Allan! 

"Hey you awake?" 

"We'll I was trying to. I can't sleep and I don't know why!"

"Aw I wish I could see you right now" 

Hold on! Read that one more time! He said he wanted to see me right at the moment! I just about tainted from shock. I was about to have a heart attack and die from shock! One of the most beautiful people in the world said he wished he could see me. Oh my god!

Now I had to respond with something really sweet. "I wish I could see you too" Really?! Is that all you could come up with Delilah!

"Thanks :-) :-P"

"Now I know this sounds weird but I always wanted to get to know you better"

"Really? I always wanted to learn about you too"

"20 Questions. What is your favorite color?"


We must have been going for hours because the next thing I knew, I was listening to birds chirping and Allan texted good morning. I wasn't even tired, I was too excited from learning everything about my angel. I learned everything from his lucky number to his mother's maiden name. It was one of the greatest nights of my entire life!

I was able to get off the phone and get a little less than two hours of shut eye. I had a headache from looking at a bright, little screen all night and the sleep deprivation but I felt pretty good. Screw David, Sloan, and Sean. They don't deserve to have someone who will love them more than they would under the sheets. 

So you know as soon as walked into school and saw Linda and Lydia, Allan was the only thing I talked about the whole entire day. I showed them his picture, talked about how kind he was, and talked so much my jaw hurt. Linda and Lydia said their ears were hurting. I don't know whether to have taken that as a compliment or an insult but it doesn't matter. I was in love!

That night I had another cheerleading practice with Allan. I was so nervous! My palms were so sweaty that I slipped on the tumble mat and might have accidentally done it in front of him. He rushed over with a pack of ice and planted it on my head. I remember starring into his eyes and him starring into mine. Even after that extremely romantic moment I was still embarrassed as crap!

I finished the practice with a splitting headache. I could tell I was showing it because I had multiple people asking me if I was okay or if I was able to finish the night. In all it was a pretty crappy night except for one thing. I had just gotten out of the shower to wipe off tears and sweat when I saw I had three messages from Allan.

"Hey." "Hey r u there" "Please answer I want to talk about something"

Of course I responded right away with, "What did you want to talk about?"

"Oh thank god! I thought you might be dead! R u okay? You took a pretty hard fall when you were practicing those back handsprings"

"Yea Im fine. thanks for asking"

"I like you a lot"

Whoa! Hold on a god damn second! Let me look at that again! He just sent that out of nowhere. I seriously wasn't expecting it at all. How should I respond? Before I could find the words Allan beat me to the chase again.

"Can I ask you a favor?"

I said yes. He text back, "Please be my girlfriend"

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