Delilah: Confused Love

Delia is a 16 year old girl living in Pittsburgh. She dances, cheers, and makes all her friends laugh. Although she may smile, she has cried the most...


1. I'm Delilah

Hey there! I'm Delilah. I am a 16 year old girl in Pittsburgh. I love to cheer for a group called the Spiders. Then I also love to dance with another team. My teams my not always win at competitions but I think we do amazing! When I'm not dancing or cheering I'm usually at my high school. Oaks Keystone High School. Go Eagles! My parents are big on the school's council board so I rarely see them. I have one sister that I love even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. My other family is at school with my other sisters/best friends, Lydia and Linda. They are the people who keep me together during my crazy life.

Lydia and Linda are the greatest friends anyone could have! Those two were practically sisters when I met them in 6th grade. They met in first grade when Lydia came to Oaks Keystone and the I came later from a neighboring school. Linda is the person who has been at Oaks Keystone and do I feel bad for her! Our school doesn't hold the most intelligent people on this earth. Poor Linda has dealt with them the longest.

For the longest time I remember being boy crazy! Even in my kindergarten class I tried kissing a boy I thought was cute [message from author: I have too! ;-)]. My first real obbsession with boys started with the Hush Hush series with dark angels. Then with The Fault in Our Stars with boys with cancer falling in love with girls with cancer. It was a sad but such a romantic story! Everytime something good or bad happens I would always turn to Linda, who often sits near me, and tell her all about. We have gotten in trouble a couple times.

"Oh my God! No! I just saw the last word!"

"What's it say?"

"I don't know. I don't want to look!"

"Oh let me see that! Man, you're missing out!"

"Aw!" She always got me mad when she said that.

That was our daily conversation in homeroom.

All three of us love One Direction so that helps with the boy obsession. My favorites are Harry and Louis. Lydia likes Liam and Linda likes Harry. We constantly text each other everytime a new tweet from them pops up and so does a million other screaming girls. Sometimes my friends worry when I know all of the boys eye colors and favorite foods. I also worry a little.

Back to my boy obsession. With the books and One Direction I kept my eyes on every boy in our school and my cheer group. Yes, there are boys in my cheer group and should be greatly respected for what they do. I do admit that most of them have come out and said they were gay but that doesn't mean that they are any different from straight people. I always stayed away from who Linda and Lydia like because I'm a great friend. Even though there are a lot of short people in our school and all three of us are tall and we have slim pickings, we still find someone. Or in my case, many!

The first person I liked was Sloan. He had short, thick hair and beautiful blue eyes. I only see him in math class but he sits on the other side of the class but I go over whenever I have the chance. My friends thinks he likes someone else but I think he likes me back.   Z

The second person was David. He had reddish/ brown hair with bright green eyes. We were in a few more classes but I soon learned from the spy I hired, that he liked someone else. That someone else was my [former] friend, Morgan. I found them in the hallway sharing their numbers and hugging and kissing on each other's cheek. David left and I yelled at Morgan. RD

"What was that back there?" I was furious! Smoke was coming out of my ears.

"What was what?"

"You know what!"

"Oh! That little thing? Yea, he likes me. Not you!"

"No! Thats a lie. You knew I liked him! Why would you do this to me?"

"Oh well. I like him know too. I understand why you liked him that much. By the way we're going to the double drive-in feature on Friday if you want to watch."

She must have had the devil possess her. Her nice friendly smile had turn to a horned monster's. I ran down the hall crying and hid in a bathroom until Linda found me an hour later. Thankfully her drama class was moved or I would have been there all night. She stayed with me and took me to the office. I went home early that day.

After getting over David, I spotted Sean. He had amazing beach blond hair and bright blue eyes bluer than the sky. My spy found out he liked me back but it was too late. I found a few other boys in the Spiders.  S

Allan and Garret were best friends since they started cheer. I was closer to Allan than Garret but my story has many plot twists. Read on my friends!



A/N: My friend has been coming into school the past few weeks with stories about all the boys she likes. At first I wasn't really interested writing them but the bombshells she has been dropping made up my mind. Allan and Garret are the ones who have been in her stories the past few days so I finally got on my writing which brought you this piece of work ;-) Please enjoy! I still take suggestions.


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