12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


9. What Did you Do?

    Havoc stood in my doorway smiling evilly at me. What was he up to? If Cole came and saw him here I would have a LOT of explaining to do. "What do you want Havoc? I do have plans tonight and you will not be keeping me from them so I recommend you hurry up with whatever you are going to say to me and leave so I can get going." He didn't seem threatened at all my my comment, in fact he walked past me and sat on my couch as if he was making himself at home. "Braelynn, you are a foolish little girl. You are going to have to try a lot harder to get rid of me. And I do know about your plans. My job is to stop those plans from happening." Of course. I should've known he was going to try to stop my plans from happening. He out of no where looked at his wrist watch, at my cell phone that I was still holding, and then up at me. What the heck was going on?Before I could even ask him he stated "Your plans are about to be cancelled in 3-2..." As he was about to say 1 my phone started to ring and he smirked. God does he have any other facial expressions beside for the god awful smirk?! Whoever was calling me was calling because of Havoc had done. The caller ID was unknown but by the smirk Havoc wore I knew whoever was calling was not calling to give me good news. I hesitantly clicked answer and held the phone up to my ear. "Hello?" "Hello, is this Ms. Braelynn Palmer?" "Yes, may I ask who is calling?" "This is Eden Medical Center. I was informed by a Cassidy to let you know Mrs. Matthews and Cole Matthews have just been rushed into the building. They were involved in a very serious car crash in Castro Valley near your house I've been informed." I couldn't say anything except "I'm on my way." When I hung up and looked up at Havoc I knew he did this. He might have killed Cole and this time there was no saving him, there were no third chances. He did that god awful smirk again and said "Oops. Did I do something wrong? Oh well. Hope your little boyfriend isn't going to die on you again." I couldn't even respond, I just ran out my house and down the road to the hospital. I saw their car at the intersection about 2 minutes away from my house and it was surrounded by police cars. The hospital was another 2 minutes away so I didn't stop. I just kept running. As soon as I ran into to waiting room I saw Cassidy standing by the elevator waiting for me. Whe got in and rode up to the floor Cole's room was on. When we found the room we didn't hesitate to enter. I stopped dead when I saw Cole laying on his bed. What the heck did Havoc do?


Author's Note:

Sorry I haven't updated in forever! I went away on vacation over break and when I got back I ordered a new laptop and it came today!:) Yay! But uh oh. What did Havoc do? Haha I know already! another cliff hanger! haha! Comment, like, favorite, and become a fan! No likes/comments = no chapters!


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