12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


4. Icy Blue Eyes

     We started each other down for what seemed like forever- it was probably only 5 minutes. I finally had the nerve to make the first move and spoke up. “Who are you and what have you done to my family?” The strange man threw his head back and let out a somewhat evil laugh and then once again made eye contact with me. He coldly replied “My name is Havoc my brother is Death. He’s the one who gave you the chance to bring your friend, what’s his name again? Cole? Ah, yes Cole. He gave you the chance to bring your little friend Cole back to life. My job is to stop that from happening. As for your family, they are frozen and will remain that way until I find it necessary to unfreeze them. I didn’t want them running away from me so freezing was my only option. Must I add what fun it was? They won’t be able to see or hear you until they are unfrozen.”

    So much went through my mind. Death has a brother? Why didn’t he mention him to me? Why didn’t he warn me that this could happen? Where the heck is Death? Maybe he could stop his brother. Just as soon as I thought that Death came through the window, unfroze my family and disappeared with his brother without saying a word to me or even looking my way. So much for him being my friend. I turned my attention to my parents to see them looking around. Their eyes landed on me and my mother spoke “Honey, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s going on?” I just shook my head and ran up the stairs to my room.

     I was still trying to process what had just happened when Death appeared in my bedroom. He looked at me with sympathy in his dark blue eyes. I couldn’t keep eye contact with him. I was so angry for him not warning me that his brother was out to get me. He cleared his throat to speak to me and I quickly looked up at him. “I see you’ve met my brother. We have different views on things, one being bringing people back. Havoc thinks he can stop you from saving your friend. He will do anything that will keep you from saving Cole.  Keep an eye out for him at all costs. Wherever Havoc goes trouble follows.” And just as quickly as Death appeared in my bedroom he was gone, once again disappearing into the night. I finally had the answers to the things that just minutes ago were mysteries to me. I walked over to my bed and took out the notebook that I keep in the drawer on my night table and wrote down everything that was important for me to remember:

-Death has a brother

-Havoc will try to stop me from saving Cole

-avoid him like the plague

-11 days left

As soon as I wrote the last thing I felt a shooting pain in my wrist were the 12 was. I looked at the 12 and saw it change to an 11. I was 1 day into my goal of saving Cole. Time wasn’t moving as quickly as I thought it would. Once the 12 finished changing I went downstairs to join my parents for dinner. I acted as if nothing had happened and they acted as if everything was alright with me. All of us knew better though. After dinner I was emotionally drained so I excused myself from the table and went to bed. As soon as I laid down I saw ice blue eyes watching me from my window. They disappeared seconds later. Death had dark blue eyes so that could’ve only been 1 person. Havoc.






**Authors Note**

Sorry it took so long to upload! I have 4 more chapter already written so I will post more later on tonight! Don't forget to like and favorite so you know when I update next! Thanks for reading!:*

XO Mary

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