12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


1. Gone.

    First let me introduce myself. My name is Braelynn Palmer, I’m in 8th grade and my best friends are Cassidy and Cole Matthews. They are twins. We hang out all the time but lately Cole hasn’t been handing out with Cassidy and I. Now that you know who I am let me tell you about the time I saved my friends life and almost lost my own.

    I walked into school linking arms with my best friend Cassidy. She didn’t seem herself today but I didn’t ask what was wrong. That was my first mistake of the day. I got to my locker and overheard some of the teachers whispering by the water fountain and wearing shocked looks on their faces. Something was wrong; I could just tell by the urgency in their voices that it wasn’t good. My bet was that the whole school would know before the end of first period. My second mistake of the day was me failing to realize that Cole never left his house today to come to school. My third mistake was not figuring out that Cassidy already know what the school had yet to find out.

    I walked with Cassidy to English class in silence.  I saw Mr. Collins sitting at his desk wearing a worried look and I knew that everyone was about to find out what the teachers were whispering about this morning.  Once the bell rang he told us to sit down at our desks and focus our eyes onto him. Here we go I thought to myself. He said “I have some news for all of you.” By the look on his face I knew it wasn’t good news. He focused his eyes on the floor, took a deep breath and looked back up directly at Cassidy.  She quickly looked away from Mr. Collins and he began. “In case some of you haven’t realized, Cole Matthews is absent today. I regret to inform you all that Cole will have a permanent absence from now on. Sadly, last night Mr. Matthews committed suicide.” I looked over to Cassidy as soon as he completed his sentence. She busted into tears. All these thoughts suddenly crossed my mind. Cole Matthews. Cassidy’s twin, her other half was now gone forever, and I was too stupid to realize it this morning.

     I watched as Cassidy stood up and exited the classroom, I soon followed behind her. Once we were both in the hallway she turned to look at me. I hugged her while she sobbed onto my shoulder. “It was my fault.” Was all she could get out in between her sobs. “Cass, how was it your fault?” was all I could ask without bursting into tears myself.  “We fought over something stupid; I didn’t realize I would never have the chance to tell him I was sorry. I’m a horrible person!” Once again she broke down.  This time I couldn’t control myself and I cried along with her.

    Since my family was really close friends with Cassidy’s we were both excused from school for the rest of the day. We spent the day with our families crying for Cole while our parents were planning Cole’s funeral. I still couldn’t believe it. Cole, the one person on earth who looked happy all the time, who had everything going for him. He killed himself. And I would never see him again. Or so I though.

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