12 Days *COMPLETE*

People always use the saying "When one door closes another one opens". For me this was the chance to save my best friend's brothers life or to lose mine.


13. Epilouge



10 years later


It's been 10 years since I saved Cole. Him and I are dating now and have been since my birthday 10 years ago, the day he told me he loved me. We're both now 23 and live together in an apartment. Cassidy and her fiance Anthony live next door to us.

Lately Cole has been acting weird and it's starting to scare me. He wants to go out to dinner in a hour and I'm afraid he's going to break up with me. I go put on my black dress with gold sequins in the skirt area and my black heels. I starighten my hair and do my makeup and then I'm ready to go.

We pull up to this fancy Italian resturant and get out of the car. We go inside, take our seats, order our food, and once it comes out we eat it. It's really good I must say. Once we finish eating Cole gets seroius. Here it comes. He looks at me, stands up, and the gets down on one knee. I gasp. "Braelynn, I've loved you for 10 years since the day I woke up and you were at my bedside. I'm ready to love you for 100 more years. Would you do me an honor and marry me?" I start to cry, happy tears of course, and say "Yes". He stands up, puts the ring on my finger and kisses me. Once we break out of the kiss he and I both sit down to finish our meal. The entire resturant starts to cheer and clap and I can only smile at Cole. Behind Cole I see a strange man with dark blue eyes. Death. I haven't seen him since Cole woke up. Death is clapping for us and once he notices he caught my eye he gives me a smile, thumbs up, and just like the many times before, he disappears into thin air. I give my attention back to Cole and I know that I'm truly happy and so is he.  Looks like I get my happy ever after, after all.


Author's note:

That it! It's all over!:( I can't believe it's done now! I hope you all enjoyed it and that I gave you an ending you loved! Once again thank you for clicking on my story and reading! I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for you. Thank you.


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