No Choice * Dark Zayn Malik Fan Fiction* -finished-

"I HAVE A CHOICE ZAYN, YOU DONT OWN ME!" I screamed at him. He pushed me against the wall. "Your MINE, I claimed you! you have no choice! YOU LISTEN TO ME AND OBEY ME, UNDERSTOOD?" i knew fighting wasn't worth it. he was the "bad boy" who killed people. I was weak, there was no way I would win this.. "understood" I mumble/growl. "good girl" he smirked.


10. waking up to reality

        Austin's POV:

        Oww, da fuck... the sunlight was shing in my eyes... I opened my eyes and realized that i was at the beach house! fuck! I had a killer headache!! and i was tied to the bed... wtf?! Once i see Zayn I'm going to kill him! The door opened and there reavealed Zayn. I starred him down, I kept pulling on the rope hoping it would break. "You can't leave." I sure as hell can! i hate him! why does he think he can own me?!

   "To hell I can't!" I yelled. His eyes narrowed. I kept pulling on the ropes, please break!

   "I have a gang coming after you, I can't let them kill you." I rolled my eyes.. uh huh.. he's just lieing! seriously?! he thinks he can keep me here! maybe I can fake..

   "fine, but can you at least untie me!" I said in annoyence. He smirked and chuckled...

    "nope, i like it wen your hopeless.. " he said coming closer to me. I couldn't slapp him.. or hit him.. or kick him.. i was hopeless .-. "No Zayn, just untie me! i hve a headache!" I wined. He rolled his eyes and cut the ropes. I held my wrists, it had a line of the rope. I rubbed it, it burned for some reason..

     I got up, Zayn tensed. ' I cant go or do aythingwith you here so I would stop tensing ifi were you" I growled stepping around him. I walked out the door to the beach. Zayn watching my every move. I flipped him off and continued walking closer to the water. I sat down on the sand, putting it in my hand, watching it slip through my hands. The waves were coming to shore then slipping back down. The wind smelt like salt through my nose. It was so peaceful, I closed my eyes and layed on my back. I was enjoying the sound, smell, and touch until i opened my eyes to meet Zayn's. I shot up an glared at him standing up. I'm so tired of him thinking he owns me and sneaking up on me! I might as well go inside. I walked around him but he caught my arm pulling me to his chest. I looked up into his eyes.

     before I could stomp away from him he crashed his lips into mine. I kissed back until I remember the night at the bar and my BFF. I pulled away and ran back to the house. I got inside and went to the bedroom, I layed on the bed starring at the celieing.. thinking...


                 why did i haveto like Zayn when he clearly is a player! but if he only wanted sex he would have left me already.. but still! he used my best frind! I felt the bed shift, signally he was laying next to me.  "Austin" he mummbled. He played with a loose strand of hair. I chose to ignore him. I continued to look up at the white ceiling. Until Zayn hovered over my face blocking my view. -__-  

            "Austin, talk to me" he whispered against my lips. I looked him in the eyes this time and turned my head to the side,  his hand moved my head so i was facing him.

            He leaned in so that our noses were touching, he leaned in so our lips were pressed together.  It wasn't a forced kiss, it  was passiontate and slow. our lips moved in sync, he slowly pulled away looking into each others eyes. "Austin, will you be my girlfriend." I nodded a smilie tugging at my lips. He smiled kissing me again. I smiled into the kiss, we pulled away.   "what are we goin to do today?" I set sitting on top of Zayn's chest.




    I DIDN'T EDIT!!!!

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