No Choice * Dark Zayn Malik Fan Fiction* -finished-

"I HAVE A CHOICE ZAYN, YOU DONT OWN ME!" I screamed at him. He pushed me against the wall. "Your MINE, I claimed you! you have no choice! YOU LISTEN TO ME AND OBEY ME, UNDERSTOOD?" i knew fighting wasn't worth it. he was the "bad boy" who killed people. I was weak, there was no way I would win this.. "understood" I mumble/growl. "good girl" he smirked.


1. Chapter 1: innocent girl, bad boy

    Austin's POV:

  #1 i am a girl, ok? my parents wanted a boy and they were SO  attatched to the name "Austin" so yea.. anyways I was considered a good girl, a nerd, i didnt have that much  friends. I was a loner. I gott picked on because i was a virgin, the only one in the whole school. anyways. but in my senior years I changed. It is the last day of school. the summer parties are going to be crazy.

    Morning 6:30 am

            "beep, beep, beep"  I slammed the alarm off and got up and out of bed. I wanted to change this year. I cant wait for summer. I wore make-up, jean shorts and tank tops. . I marched my self into the bathroom and took a fast shower. I got out and blow dried my hair, and did eye-liner and masscara. 


i curled my hair, and burned my fingers in the process! ouch, I ran downstairs. My parents are allwayyyyyysssssss gone. They send me checks though.  My parents are rich, i got my own car that way. I went outside, I got into my car and drove to school.



   I walked into school, I felt eyes on me. I turned and saw some kid I havent... wait.. never mind, I have seen him. He screwed my best friend and then left her like trash. I flipped him off and continued walking. "AMBER!!!" i yelled over to my best friend. "AUSTIN!!!!" i ran over to her. "I cant wait for summer! mostly the parties!!" she laughed. I felt the eyes on my again. Amber grew quite. "he is starring at you. looks like he want you, if you know what i mean" i scoffed. "he's not getting me."  she smiled. and then frowned. "it's okay Amber he's a dick. he didnt deserve you" I said patting her back. she nodded and smiled. "lets go we dont wanna be late." I nodded smiling. We went to English first. we were messing around the halls and didnt realize we were 5 minutes later. " haha holly shit were late!" we both laughed and walked to english. We pushed open the door still laughing. "WHY ARE YOU 2 LATE?!" Miss. Brown yelled. Amber and I looked at each other and laughed. "you 2 cant sit by each other!!" she yelled. we fake outed causing everyone to laugh. "Austin, go sit next to Zayn." He smirked and i glared. I sat down next to HIM. "hey gorgeous, my bed after school." he whispered seductively in my ear. "why dont you just find a girl willing to fuck you" i sneered. we were in the back of the class, no one really cares about what happens back here. he grabbed my wrist, "dont talk to me like that, you will come or you will regret it, got that sweet thing" he whisper/yelled. "no" I said a bit loud and everyone turned around. "what is it now." miss. Brown said annoyed. She said no because she got a problem wrong" Zayn said while smirking. "act-" He gripped my wrist hard. "he's right about it" I said. He realeased my wrist. "i'm still not coming" the bell rang and I dashed out of the class room. 

       school ended, I stayed away from Zayn. I stayed after school for a while longer to make sure he was gone. honestly he scared me. I have heard a lot about him. I came out of the school, I ran to the parking lot. he was leaning against my car smirking. maybe i could run home.. nah.. I sighed and walked over to my car. He pulled my arm to him. i was leaning against him. "Take this as a warning, stay away from me again and bad things will happen." he smirked. "understood?" I couldnt say no. i nodded. "good, now leave your car here and follow me"  he walked but i stood where i was. "what if i dont want to." I dared to ask. He stopped walking, his eyes were dark. "you follow me now or else" he growled walking torwards me. I opened my car door, got in and locked the door. He pounded against my window. he was cussing and he was scaring me a lot..

    i got home and ran for the door, i got in and locked the door. I finally breathed. I went upstairs and decided to take a shower. before i could go upstairs i heard a knock. I was scared, what if it's Zayn.. I looked outside the peep hole.  no one..  wierd.. I felt hands wrap around me and push me against a wall. It was Zayn. "how did you get in?" I said trembeling. "you left the back door unlocked, now what did i tell you about staying away from me." he sneered. I couldnt say anything. i couldnt move, his weight was on me. I felt his breathe. "were going somewhere." he said putting me down. "go pack a suitcase" he said looking at my family pictures. "ok" I mumbled. "wait, give me your phone." he said, his yes were pretty dark.. wait what am i saying??.. "n..o" I said backing up. "if you dont give me your phone i will search you, my way" he smirked. I looked at the door. "Dont even think about it" I stopped when he started coming closer to me. "I guess I will have to find your phone.." oh no oh no oh no, my phone was in my bra! shit. shit. " i cant get it."  spoke fast. He smirked. "where is it Princess" he smiled coming closer to me. He was tall,... like really tall... "it's uh.. in my bra" I said my cheeks flushing a bright red. "perfect"  I looked up "wait wha-" he started kissing me roughly. It surprised me when i kissed back. He lifted his hand under my shirt.. I broke away from our make out session. "please dont" i said stepping back. "okay fine, but hand me your phone."  I reached in and grabbed it slowly handing it to him. "good girl" he smirked taking it from me. " go get packed" I nodded walking up the stairs. I got in my room and locked the door. i slid down the wall, what did i get myself into! I really am a dumb blonde!! I heard a knock and the door rattle. "open this door" he yelled. I opened the door. He pushed me on my bed, hovering over me. "we are going to have rules okay, rule number 1, you do what i say 2 no locking doors 3 you do exactly what i tell you! 4 dont get me mad princess" he said kissing my lips softly. I was enraged, he thinks he can make me live my life i pushed him off. ""I HAVE A CHOICE ZAYN, YOU DONT OWN ME!" I screamed at him. He pushed me against the wall. "Your MINE, I claimed you! you have no choice! YOU LISTEN TO ME AND OBEY ME, UNDERSTOOD?"  i knew fighting wasn't worth it. he was the "bad boy" who killed people. I was weak, there was no way I would win this.. "understood" I mumble/growl. "good girl" he smirked. 


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