My beautiful nightmare

Its a old time fantasy with violence that is why it is rated mature. It does have romance but I haven't gotten that far yet.


3. Escaping the noose

  I woke when the guard untied the rope from my hands. The rough tender scratches, and burns that have torn my face. I feel the blood, sweat, and a liquid that I’ve never seen before, roll down the sides of my face. I looked back up as the guard jumped back on his horse, and sped off. I started to panic. This is the dark forest, I’ve heard stories of this place since I was a child. My father was had taken me to the edge of the forest before. He showed me that as long as I kept my will, and strength I would never have to worry about this place. I’m now in the middle of a tree circle. The ground under me was black and burned. I worried about the kelpies that have been legoned to the place.  I heard a scream. I looked all around, turning and turning till I saw her. She is by the lake. Her brown hair stands up, and her face glows white. Where her body should be there is a  blur of purple. ”AHHHHH…” The figure screams. She speeds picks up, and so does mine. I figure that I’m floating, because I’ve jumped out of my skin, I was so scared. So I think I’ll just keep running. I don’t know how I will escape her, or my new terrifying fate. The wind is picking up. And the temperature is dropping hastily, its getting harder to breathe. The chilling air and the horrifying creature behind me is what will send me to my death. If one don’t the other will.Leaves and branches are starting to trip me up. I’ve stumbled several time. Its getting harder to get up each time.  “Will this be my last night?” “Will my brother morn when I die?” “Did he morn when I lived?” All the questions flooding my mind is driving me crazy. I don’t think, she is behind me anymore. I start to slow down, and finally stop. “Hh… hh...hh,” I try to keep a steady breath. “AHHHHH…” She is right in front of me. Turning the other way, I fall into a rather large ditch that has a bridge off to the side. Oh, no she see’s me! Still screaming, she slowly floats towards me. My heart is racing so fast I think its going to pound out of my chest. I start to back up when my hand presses into something. I jump to the side as the box opened. The object inside starts to glow, getting brighter and brighter. Till finally I can’t see anymore.

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