It was all thanks to my sister

My sister Veronica is the most popular girl in school and everyone adores her. She has looks, brains, talent, and every guy in high school falling for her.Even though I am her sister I wasn't very popular. I hated my life until, thanks to my sister, five particular boys came into my life and I think I'm falling for two of them...


1. Getting to know me

Erika's POV My name is Erika. In one word, I'm what people would call a nerd. I'm really smart but not that pretty.And of course, smart doesn't make you sexy or popular. Unlike my sister Veronica, I am one of the unpopular kids. The only reason I am not the most unpopular is because my sister is adored by everyone. Veronica is smart, pretty, talented, and like I said before, adored by everyone. All the guys in high school drool over her when she walks through the hall ways. Me? I don't think any guy has even liked me. We might be twin sisters but we do not look alike. I have long, straight brown hair and hazel eyes. Veronica has long, curly hair with blue eyes. I wear glasses and she has 20/20 vision. I really don't care about what I wear but Veronica will spend hours deciding what she should wear the next day. I guess that's one reason guys don't like me. You might think I'm lucky to have a sister like this but the truth is I hate her. I mean she's really nice to me and she always offers me to hang out with her and her friends but but I really don't like her. She is just so... perfect. Well almost perfect. You see Veronica's only problem is that is a HUGE party girl. And because mum and dad don't let her go to that many parties, she ends up sneaking away most of the time and at about 1:00 am I get a call from one of her friends asking me to pick her up because she is really drunk. In fact I got a call from one of her friends. "um hi Erika i'ts me Jarline could you-" "let me guess. Veronica is drunk and she is about to do something stupid" I heard Jarline talking to someone on the other line. "No Veronica stop. Ugh Erika please hurry up She's making out with some dude" I sighed and hung up. Then I grabbed my car keys and quietly got past my parents' snoring. I got inside my car and tuned it on. Then I headed out to the club Veronica went to. *** When I got there I so wanted to leave. The air reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke. In every corner there were couples making out and getting intense. I shuddered when I saw Veronica. She got on top of the table and started yelling. " WHO'S READY TO HAVE SOME FUN?" You could tell Veronica was drunk when she stumbled and almost fell off. She was smiling like a maniac and everyone yelled in response. I frowned. "Veronica get down from there! We need to go" I hissed at her " C'mon Erika don't be like that... Besides I'm not... even that drunk... OKAY MAYBE JUST... A LITTLE!!!" She started laughing uncontrollably and every time she talked she would stop for a moment and hiccup. Damn. This chick was seriously drunk. " veronica If you don't get your little butt down here I am going to tell mum about Jeremy" Jeremy is Veronica's secret boyfriend. Mum would freak if she found out. As if she was a mindless robot, Veronica came down and stood beside me. "bitcht" I heard her mumble. I grabbed her hand and began to lead her out of the club. The alcohol made me want to throw up. Halfway out she pulled back. " No Erika... I'm having sooo much fun! I don't... want to go" She started throwing a temper tantrum. I was starting to get impatient. I reached down in my pocket and pulled out my phone. I scrolled down to mum's contact and then showed it to Veronica. She then stopped making a fuss. I noticed a group of guys staring at her with huge grins. One of the guys whistled at Veronica and she started throwing kisses. I couldn't take it anymore. I literally dragged Veronica outside and got her into the driver's seat of her car. The car drive was quiet until she broke the silence. "Are you going to tell mum about this?" She had this puppy look on her face. Of course I couldn't say that I was. "Uh... no" I mentally slapped myself. Why do I keep Veronica's parties a secret? "Thanks little sis" was all she said. I corrected her. "You are only older than me by 2 minutes and 45 seconds" We got home and out of the car. Veronica hugged me and I led her inside. She was quieter than usual. She went into her room and fell asleep on her bed before I even went upstairs to my room. I slipped into my black shirt and white shorts that said "nerds rule". Then I laid down in my comfortable bed. This is practically how EVERY evening is like with my sister. Me coming to the rescue.
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