A dream come true

When a random small city girl moves to a big state and meets a guy she had no idea she would fall for


1. first days

Bella's p.o.v

I was getting ready for the first day of school

I was just going to my first year in high school

I put on some tight jeans and a glittery Aeropostale shirt . I let my straight hair down. And When I was ready I asked my mom if she can drop me off cause I was too nervous to take the bus.

My mom bearly rememberd I dident eat anything she asked me if I wanted a star bucks coffee but I dident want to eat or drink anything

When I got to the school there was so many people but I was trying to look for my best friend jasmine. there was so many people I couldent find anyone I knew but all I can see are some pervs checking me out

As soon as the bell rang we headed out to out first class. I met a guy the first person I talked to since I got here his name was James. He was super nice and we had most classes together.

So I knew I wasent ganna get lost cause this school is two stories big. When I got home I took a quick shower and put a tank top and some sweat pants. I was so tired so I went fast asleep.

James p.o.v

My best bud David and me went to the park to play basketball. David-James you were looking at that girl a lot who is she? James-no one she's just a friend I met. David-ok then..

Four days later..

Bella's p.o.v

Well this is ganna be a long day but thank god it's Friday! When it finnally the end of the day someone threw me a note saying " meet me at the hallway next to the restroom right now"

This person sounded desperate

But I went any ways I knew witch one he meant. You get out the cafeteria turn to the left and then again left and the bathrooms are there. So I was heading over there when I got there I saw a group of guys there I dident know what was ganna happen when they saw me comeing they started comeing forward to me. These were the guys that are considered "ghetto" that's so dumb anyways when they finnaly caught up

One of them grabbed my hip I smacked his hand off and I asked them " what do you want" btw there was four of them one of them grabbed me pushed me to the wall he whisperd we want you..

James p.o.v

I wonder where's Bella I hadent talked to her all day . Just then I just rememberd she gave me her number I texted her hopefully too get her to reply back

Bella's p.o.v

What do you want from me!!! I yelled we want your bracelet. I was wearing a gold bracelet that is kind of big I was also wearing gold

earrings but my hair was covering them.

They took off my gold braclet with some hard scissors and threw me out it was raining so bad

I saw I had a text from James I told him eavry thing he was comeing on his way

James p.o.v

Omg!!! Bella's in the hard rain I need to go get her Bella told me she's at oh yeah my cousin jake lives by there !!

When I got there as fast as I could I saw poor Bella siting in the side walk with her head on her legs

I ran to her and got her and we ran to my car omg Bella are you ok?!? Bella-yeah I'm ok just a little cold

When they got to James house Bella was soaking wet . Bella do you you want something to wear? Yes please I'm so cold bella do you want to stay over? Bella-yeah my mom won't even be home till Sunday so sure. Bella lied down in my bed she looked so tired I got in bed with her too and we started to cuddle

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