The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


29. Chapter 29

Clove's POV

"Clove, wake up!" Cato shakes me awake. I open my eyes. I'm shivering."Clove, are you ok?" I just nod my head."Did you have a nightmare?" Again, I nod."Clove, talk."

"Snow and Thresh. Johanna and Katniss." I say looking around. I grab a knife.

Cato pulls the knife out of my hand. He knows me all to well."What? What about them?"

"They were there,Cato!"


"In my dream."

'Tell me what happened."

"Well, we were walking. In some forest. Just me and you. Then I heard an evil laugh so I turned around. Snow was laughing and a giant snake had coiled around you."

"Ok? You think I would ever let that happen?"

"No,but, but,he killed you so I tried to kill Snow. Then Glimmer,Cashmere,Luna,the other girl I killed, Five,Finnick,Gloss, Two Peacekeepers,Wiress,Beetee,Haymitch, Twelve, and then Johanna! Then, Thresh came and slammed an one-hundred pound weight on my head!" I was screaming out of terror.

"Clove, settle down. Come here." Cato pulled close to his body."You're going to be just fine. I'll protect you."

"But he killed you! Right in front of me!"

"Clove, it's going to be alright. Go back to sleep." Cato held me. I felt safe in his arms. I knew he'd protect me, but it wasn't enough. The dream haunts me.

*6 months later*

Caden Alexander Hawks was born exactly six months from the day I had the dream. The dream haunts me every single day. As Cato sits in a chair playing with one of my knives, I think over the dream.

"Cato, give me the knife. I want to throw it." I put my hand out.

"Princess, we are in a hospital." He laughs and chucks the knife at the wall. The handle hits the wall and it falls."Damn it."

"The way you throw that knife annoys me. Go pick it up." 

Cato rolls his eyes and picks it up. He hands it to me. I look at the wall and picture it as Snow. I throw it just as Enobaria,Brutus,Harley, and Olivia walk in.

"Clove never gives up her knife throwing. Not even after she just had a kid." Enobaria rolls her eyes."Where is the little prick, anyway?"

Cat laughs and points to me."You mean that prick?"

Brutus pulls the knife out of the wall and hands it to me. It flies past Cato's head."Bastard."

"Enough with the bad words! You have a child now!" Harley shouts at us.

"Ellnna is coming!" Olivia comes over and hugs me.

"We brought the whole Capitol for you two bastards." Enobaria laughs."Actual, for the little prick you made."

"Prick means-" I laugh.

"I know what it means."

"It means to make a small hole in something. So basically stabbing."

"Oh, I guess I didn't know what it meant. Why are you smiling? When you stab someone you make sure its painfully. A small hole doesn't bring enough pain to a person."

"Aw, indeed,Enobaria." Harley sarcastically says.

"Since when did you become a killer?" Brutus asks Harley.

"Look who I've been hanging out with?" 

"Have you seen him yet?" Olivia asks sweetly.

"No, they took him away." Cato replies, playing with a syringe. He stabs the counter with it and laughs pleasurable.

"You make a weapon out of everything don't you, Cato?"

"Of course. It makes things funner."

"Funner?" Harley laughs.

"What?" Cato looks confused.

"More fun."

"Shut up."

"Yeah, Harley. He is a victory not a scholar." Enobaria rolls her eyes."You know we came to see the kid, not you guys."

"Thanks for coming." Cato laughs as he pulls the needle out of the syringe and throws it.

"God damn it,Cato. How many times do I have to tell you to hold the other side!" I scream at him.

"I thought she was going to say behave like an adult." Brutus says.

"It's Cato. When does he behave like an adult?"

"When I want to!" Cato shakes his head.

"Which is never." Brutus laughs.

"Alright enough." Olivia interrupts."How do you feel,Clove?"

"Fine. I've gone through plenty of pain in my life. This was nothing." I laugh. It's true. I've been stabbed,slammed,cut,punched,thrown, you name it.

"Good!" Olivia turns to Enobaria, Brutus, and Cato, who are all trying to pull the needle out of the wall."They are immature."She says to me.

"That's kind of why I love Cato." I laugh.

"His immaturity?" 

"Yeah. I know weird."

"When do we get to see the damn kid!" Harley shouts, shutting us all up.

"Harley cussed!" We all shout.

A nurse walks in with Caden."Would you guys keep it down! Oh, hello,Brutus."

"Hi." Brutus nods.

"Hows Nannie doing?"

"Great, thanks."

"Who is Nannie?" I ask.

"My daughter."

"Oh, I forgot you had kids."

"Yes, I have three."

Olivia interrupts our conversation when she sees Caden."Aw! He is so cute!"

Harley runs over to Olivia, who is now holding him."Oh my. He is."

Enobaria rolls her eyes."Alright we saw him. Let's go!"

"Damn, you are annoying." Cato laughs.

"Shut up,Pretty Boy." Cato looks at her with a confused look on his face."Yes, I did just call you that."

"I know I'm pretty and all,but Pretty Boy is more of a name for-"

"We get it,Cato. You're hot and brutal. We all know where that was going."


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