The Fight For Survival*Icy with Brutal Sequel*

Please read Icy with Brutal first.
Cato and Clove have won the Games together. Their love was in fact an act. Now they are forced to love each other. And they do. They are forced to fight for survival.Snow will make sure to hold them back from achieving that, but Snow doesn't know, they won't give up, even if they are forced to fight again.


20. Chapter 20

Cato's POV

"What ever you do, do not fall into the water,Clove." I warn Clove.

"I know. Now let's get her!" She screams. Clove positions herself to throw. I raise Finnick's trident. 

I turn to Clove. Just as she is about to throw the knife, the Cornucopia starts to spin. Clove and I thrown back. I hit a metal shelf that once held weapons, while Clove hits a rock.

"Cato, my head." Clove shouts to me. She just re-injured her head. Well, it was never exactly fixed.

As I try and stand, my body aches. Seeder regains her balance and comes toward us, the Cornucopia is still spinning. I get up and it stops. I make my way to Clove."Clove, can you remember anything?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Everything is just blurry and I'm dizzy. I can't help you,Cato. You have to do this on your own. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. We're going to win. I can do it."

Seeder is limping over to me. It's obvious she has broken something in her leg. I  might have broke something in my back or even a few ribs, but she doesn't deserve to know that. Seeder falls over. I raise my sword over her. I bring it half way down when, the Cornucopia begins to spin. Seeder hangs on for life. I fall onto my back. I begin slipping into the water.

"Cato, no!" Clove shouts. She tries to crawl over to me, but she can't see where she is going. Clove begins to slip as well. At least she is close to me. I'll be able to grab her."Cato,help!"

"I'm right here." I grab Clove's hand. She has her ax in the other hand. She is barely able to lift the ax with two hands, so when I see her try and bring the ax up with only one, I wonder what she is doing.  She brings the ax up and slams it into the rock. 

"Grab the ax! We can hang onto that." Clove is shouting to me. Even though we are side-by-side it's impossible to hear.

The Cornucopia stops. Clove stands up. She stumbles to Seeder. Seeder grabs her leg and throws her to the floor. Clove's front tooth is knocked out. I cut one of Seeder's arms off. She releases Clove's leg. Clove shakes her head. Blood is dripping from her mouth. 

"Clove, grab my hand." I shout to her. She can't move. She is seriously injured. She rolls over and holds her torso.

"I can't. My arm, it's broken. I have broken ribs to."

"Your left or right?"

'Left. I can still throw."

As I am tending to Clove, Seeder comes behind me. She has only one arm now. "CATO! DUCK!" Clove screams. I duck my head. Seeder swings Clove's ax over my head. I stand up and grab my sword. The Cornucopia begins to spin again. I hear Clove scream. I turn and she is falling into the water.

"Clove!" I scream.

"Just kill her. I'll be fine!" She shouts back. She can't fight. Everything is not working right with her. I need to end this and fast. Seeder throws the ax past my head. She misses. I throw Finnick's trident and hit her in the chest. The cannon fires. I run to Clove's assistance.  The Cornucopia has stopped spinning now.

I run to where Clove fell off. I see her lifelessly laying in the water. My heart drops into my stomach. I loose it. Tears rush down my face. How could I let this happen? I promised myself I'd get her home.

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