2. How?

Right after we yell The door flings open and hits Aly right in the side. She squeals, not because it hurt because of how. How was because of Liam Payne. He grabbed us by the wrists and pulls us into the limo. Aly is speechless she just say there. "Hello I'm Liam Payne." "Hello I'm Taylor and this is my best friend Aly."

It was just Liam in the limo. "I'm sorry if I hurt you with my door I just thought you guys were calm until I opened my door." Liam says. Before I could answer a man hits the drivers side door. I see it's the driver trying to push past all the screaming girls. He gets in finally. "We are just going to the studio do you want to come?" Liam asks "Of course we would!" I say speaking for me and Aly. As we start to drive the music comes on and no one talks. When we arrive at the studio we get out of the car without any girls finding us. We run inside following Liam. We walk in to the studio I see and small purple haired boy walk out. "Hello I'm Niall Horan." How?

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