1. Who?

Hand and hand my best friend Aly and I walk to the gas station just a few blocks from my house. Which is in Dallas, Texas. We have lived in the same houses side by side since we were born and been friends ever since. As we were walking into the 7/11 we see a lot of people crowded and we know that something wasn't right. We try to examine the seen before we walk just walk into something we might not want to get into. We see a long black limo and everyone is just on one side of it. We sneak to the empty side and peek in the window. Aly looks first and starts to scream. "What? Who is it?" I ask. She continues to freak so I just look for myself. "Oh Mu Gosh!" I try to stay quiet but I want them to notice us! We both yell "ONE DIRECTION!!"

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