Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


22. W-What?

Hayley's POV

"Hayley I have you results" I looked at him. He had a blank stare. Right now I had mixed emotions, desperation, sadness, and happiness. He pulled up a chair next to the bed side and opened the Manila folder and I saw pictures. "Miss Careless your result have proven that you have had a miscarriage. I am so sorry." ( just incase you forgot it's pronounce care-ess)

I looked blankly at the blue and white wall. Miscarriage that means. No baby with Harry!!!!!!!! I felt excited yet was saddened when the thought of 2 babies dying. "Thank you" I smiled at him and he nodded. "Do you wan me to tell your boyfriend or????" I smiled and thought. Should I even tell him? Or should I have the doctor tell him. I mean me telling him would make more sense only because he deserves to here from me. "I will tell him" he nodded and left. How was I supposed to tell him? I just lost his child.

I began to tear up. How is this possible? And why is it happening to me? I mean twins that weren't really twins, having sex with Harry, then losing both babies? Why me?

I was knocked out of my thought when Niall walked him. He looked concerned probably seeing my eyes all puffy and red. "Baby what's wrong?"

Niall's POV

"Baby what's wrong" I said to her only realizing she was crying. Bad news. Shit!

I put we hands inside mind and felt the warmness from her hands. She was shaking a bit. "Hayley?" He looked up with me with her dark beautiful eyes. They literally looks like the color of the deep dark ocean. Her eyes wear puffy red and a tear was falling down her cheek. I wiped it way with my thumb. I pulled it away left with a burning sensation from her touch. He looked down at our hands and back to my face.

Hayley's POV

Niall wiped away my tear leaving tingling in my cheek. I looked down at our hands and realized how secure he made me feel. I could tell this boy anything and now have to worry about going on by myself. I looked back into his eyes. "I had a miscarriage" his face went blank. He stared blankly into my eyes. "Niall?" He was stone hard. I broke one of my hands free from his grip and I cupped his face. "Niall baby? Tell me what your thinking" I said with full of concern. I saw him wince and he shook his head slowly. Probably trying to convince himself it wasn't true. I can't blame him I mean he was try so hard over the past couple of months to prepare to be a father and prepare for the fact that he was going to be apart of me forever. "I...I" I kissed him on the cheek and took his face him both of my hands. He looked into my eyes. I could tell he was on the verge of tears and I never see him cry. If he does it's without me seeing. "Are you okay?" He asked looking into my eyes trying to search for all the answers to his questions. I nodded. "I think the real question is are you okay?" I looked surprised by my question. He looked around thinking. By then my hands have left his face and went back into my lap. He got up "I don't know! Should I be? I just lost a child with you! But I'm kinda relieved knowing that Harry is not longer a threat" I nodded. "I know I am happy about that also. I am just as confused as your are." He smiled and came over to my bed side and hugged me, being cautious with all the cord around me.

"I love you Hayley" he said and kissed my lips passionately. I ran my finger through his hair and he left the kiss. My lips tingled and he was biting his lips making me only want more."I love you too Niall" I said hugging him. "I need to tell Harry" he paced in front of my bed. He nodded looking into my eyes.

Just then the doctor came in. "Miss. Careless you are free to go, you just have to sign the release papers and you can go" I nodded and he handed me the papers and I signed where I needed to. I gave him the papers and he left. Niall came and sat by me. "I have some clothes for you" I nodded and grabbed the clothes. I had my pink now and sock bun still from when I checked in. Niall got me pink stoned yoga leggings with a pink sweatshirt with Love in white letters on the front. I also had my purple laced vans.


"Ready to go?" Niall asked while I put my arm around his arms locking them. I nodded "let's go!" And we left the hospital.


"Where to?"

"Anywhere fun! I wanna night to forget all the sad things in my life" he nodded and smiled.

"Okay! But it's gunna be a secret, so when I say put on the blindfold put on the blindfold! Understand?" He said trying to me serious but failed. I nodded and giggle and he placed his Han on my leg. Chills went up my spin. He rubbed my thigh then place my hand in his. My whole leg got the culls knowing that his hand warmed up my whole legs. I wonder where we are going. I have a feeling knowing Niall it's going to involve food.


Cliff hanger! Where is Niall taking her and where are they going?

I actually liked writing this chapter I know I left you guys lost but it works out and it turned out sad but amazing! Gahh!!!!!

To find out what her clothes wore look on my Instagram @5_onedirectionsex

( for the readers who read this later the dat today is 1-8-14 so look for that week)

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