Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


29. Pain

I walk in the door full of guilt, anger, and sorrow. Guilt because I... We'll.. Harry kissed me and Niall isn't gunna like that. Anger that Harry kissed me, and sorry because I keep on screwing up. Why am I such a shit hole. "Harry, I'm gunna go take a shower" he nods and makes his was over to the couch. I run up the stairs into his green bathroom. I start the shower and open the cabinet looking for shower gel. I find blades, no. I haven't cut for 4 years I can't do it again. But before I know I am grabbing a blade. I take off my clothes and hop in the shower, with the blades in my hands I make a cut, not to deep, in my side. Soon enough, another and another and another till I have 8 cuts. I make a N for Niall and next to it a H with an X over top of it. It will be there for a long time and I need to remember who is mine and who belongs to me.

I put on a white shot and grey Victoria secret sweatpants and run downstairs. "Pizza's on the counter" he must have heard me come down the stairs. I look over to the counter and skip over to it. I grab a slice of pepperoni and sit down next to Harry. He was watching Despicable me 2. He was really into it but I'm not the kind for the cartoon movies. I play on my phone. Posting pics on Instagram from the hospital today. Also checking twitter to see is Loanothony posted anything. Of course he did! He is always on! I scroll through is news feed laughing at his stupid remarks. Then click on his new video.

"Hayley? Why is your shirt red.... And wet?" He said outing his fingers to my side, I tense at his touch then pull down my shirt even more. "Nothing" his eyes get dark which makes me scared. "Show me, it's okay" I slowly shake my head. His eyebrows burrow and he yanks the shirt out of hands reveling my side. "N with H crossed out.... Hayley! You should never cut! What were you thinking? You know how much I care about you! This sickens me!" He says getting up and paces. By now my eyes are filled with years and my cheeks are tear stained. "I..I. Don't know.... I needed... A reminder.... I'm...with...Niall.... And not you!" I say in between sniffles and breaths. He stops in his tracks and gets down on his knees in front of me. "Hayley... I caused this? Listen. I like you a lot. But Niall was thinking about proposing to you before the crash. And I told his the other day about what he was going to do and.... Yeah... I wanted you to know you have other choices" I look at him blankly. He was going to propose? What? No! Why is life so horrible? Why is all the bad things happening to me now? Other choices? I wouldn't want another choice? But Harry has to be in the way! Ugh! Fucking bastard! I punch in the arm and run upstairs. I go into my bedroom and lock the door. I put all my stuff into a suitcase and open the window. I through the suitcase out and I heard banging on the door. "Hayley please let me in." Okay so I need to make it obvious that I'm not leaving. I sit on the bed. "I just want to be alone, I need time to think. Maybe later" he says okay and look around the room making sure I have everything. I jump out and land on my feet. My right foot kills, I must have sprained it cause I can still walk. I grab my suit case and head into town. I grab a taxi and tell the drive to drive to the cheapest hotel near the hospital.

I pay the guy and get out and get a room. I get into the elevator and put my key card through the slot and walk in. I place my stuff on the bed and lay down. My ankle. Shit. I grab the phone and called the front desk.

"Hello? How may I help you?"

"I twisted my ankle and I need a taxi to get to the hospital to make sure it not broken, can you call me one?"


"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome"

She says and I hang up. Know that my mind is on my ankle it hurts more. I make my way to the elevator and hang on to the railing and wait for it to go to main floor. I wobble to the front desk. "Is my taxi here?" He girl looks at me and runs around the comer and helps me walk to the taxi. I get in the taxi and not min longer I'm at the hospital.

I am seated in a wheel chair and am taken to a room. The same room as Niall, but next door. I placed there. "Niall?" He here groaning. "Hayley? Where are you?" I motion for the doctor to open the curtain. "Hi Niall" he smiled and asks the doctor to move us next to each other. "What you here for?" He asks and plays with my hair. "My ankle. Harry kissed me and I cut my self and I jumped out of the window and we'll now I'm here" he frowns. Probably at the part of... We'll all of it. "You cut? Harry kissed you? You jump out of a window? Hayley!" I giggle and he slumps down into his stretcher bed and so do I. "Yeah, he kissed me and I slapped him and I took a shower and cut myself because I keep on letting you down. And I jumped out of the window to get away from him. He sighed and grabbed him hand. Carelessly rubbing his thumb in circles on the back of it. "I can tell he isn't the type to stay away when he is told" I nod and soon enough I drifting asleep.

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