Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


20. Hospitol

I woke up in Niall's arms only soon rushing out of them to run to the bathroom. Puking. I am now at the puking stage of the pregnancy. I felt cold hands on my bare arms. "You okay babe?" He asked I looked into his eyes and turn on the faucet for warm water. I nodded and washed my face. "Just the bad stages of the prego" he put his arm around me and walked me into the kitchen. "What do you want to do today?" He asked, I turned to looked at him and thought. I'm gunna have a baby I don't know if I will do do good in school with milk coming out of my tits all the time. "I think I wanna go shopping for baby clothes and looser shirts and I wanna sign up for online schooling" he smiled and kissed my check. "Whenever you are ready we can go for breakfast shop the lunch then come home to get you signed up" he kissed my cheek again and went into the bedroom. I went into the bathroom as put my hair into a donut hole bun and put a pink ribbon in my hair and put in leggings with a Beatles sweatshirt. Niall had a 'I hate skool' shirt on with jeans. "Let's go" I said and we intertwined out fingers and walked to the car.

We went to IHOP and I got chocolate chip pancaked with ham and Niall got blueberry, chocolate chip, and strawberry. Two of each. We talked about what baby gender we are hopping for and what the name will be. "If we have a girl I love the names Chloe or Bella. If it's a boy Colton or Brent." I'm so glad he is helping with this and I'm so glad he is apart of one of them. "I agree" He said I have always loved Chloe and Brent. I have always wanted a boy and girl and that they would be twins but there is 2 kids but they will look different. It sucks that I had to do that with Harry I regret everything, it still causes me to have nightmares.

'Skipping the rest or the restaurant and car ride'

We arrived at the mall and I went into pink. I went looking and I saw Niall looking at all the sexy brad and I stared at him he looked at me andsuddenly got nervous and scratched behind his neck. "I was picturing you in this" he said truly and suddenly getting an erection. "OMG Niall!" I said and he blushed. I smiled and pulled him out of the store. I was able to buy sweatpants, panties, sports bra, and a zip up sweatshirt before he got a boner. "Let's keep care of that" I smirked and dragged him to the family room. He pushed me up against the wall running his hands up and down my sides and stomach. Our lips fought hard to make sure there was no space between them. His tongue danced with mine and his hips were aligned with mine. I pulled his top off and soon so was mine. He kissed down my neck and leaving love bites on my breasts. It was mine turn and I kissed his chest and bit along his neck and pulled his pants down. He went wild after that and basically ripped my leggings and panties off. I wrapped my legs around his hips and he alined himself in me. He thruster slowly and I clawed into him back. He moaned at pleasure and I moaned with him. He thrusted faster. I screamed with pleasure

We were both out of breath. Panting and smiling. "Thanks" he said I looked at him and I kissed his lip. "Let's go get lunch" I said and pulled my clothes on. He groaned and put in his clothes. I walked out of the bathroom and saw no one. Good. Just what I hoped for. I grabbed Niall's hand and I intertwined our fingers.


1 1/2 months later

We have been dating for almost 4 months and it is almost Christmas. Today me and Emily at going shopping for our boyfriends. Emily is now dating Harry and I'm glad because I want him to forget about me as an option. Cause I'm not one. I'm 3 months pregnant and I'm showing. I have been doing online schooling for awhile because I have began to show. I still connect with my friends and they know all about the baby. I'm sure the whole school does now.

I want to get Niall something so special but one of a kind. So me and Emily went to this store called Press-It and it does press-ons and I'm gunna customize one. A week ago we got caricatures and I plan to put that on a sweatshirt with Horan on the back. And I'm gunna make a blanket of us. I'm putting a picture that was taken at the beach from behind and we are kissing in the photo. It's my favorite of all the photos of us.

The blanket and sweatshirt was suppose to be done in 5 hours so me and Emily walked around and had lunch at Taco Bell. We went shopping for our parents I got my dad a hockey stick engraved with his name and favorite number on the puck and for Niall's parents I got his mom and bracelet with her name on it and his dad under water video camera. Emily gt her Mom a pandora bracelet and her dad a new gulf club. He loves gulf.

After five hours we got the blanket and sweatshirt. I brought boxes and tape and I taped them up so when I got home he couldn't tell. I bought wrapping paper and we got in the car.

We got to my house and we said our goodbyes and I opened the door. I turned around to close it and lock it when I felt arms slither around my waist. "What did you get me" he asked. I smiled to myself. "Nothing" I said carring out the 'ing'. I grabbed the boxes and he grabbed my arm. "No seriously what did you get me?" I laughed and ran upstairs. "Nothing!!!!!" I screamed and I locked the door To the bathroom and I started to wrap all the presents.

Niall's POV

I got Hayley concert tickets to her favorite artist Justin Bieber. I also got her plane tickets to The Virgin Islands. I know she has always wanted to go there and well I had the money and we have the time. I am so pumped to Christmas I get to spend it with my baby girl. I walked around the room waiting for her to come out. Then I hear a scream. "Niall!!!!" She screamed and I ran to the bathroom. "Unlock it" she did and allowed me in. I saw under her a puddle of blood. What? Did she do this on purpose. "911" she said and I nodded and dialed 911 "hello?"

"Yes my Girlfriend is bleeding a lot we only live 5 minutes away but we ready for us. She is wearing a pink top and has her hair in a pony tail. And I'm wearing a blue top and jeans look for us" he said okay and I hung up and grabbed a towel and picked her up bridal style and rushed we into the car.

We got to hospital and ran inside. "Can I get some help" I yelled and a lady with red hair ran over to us. She put Hayley on a stretcher and ran away with her. "You can sit in here" the nurse said I nodded and sat down anxiously. I did everything to keep me distracted but nothing was working.


Sorry it took so long to update. Been going through some stuff.

I am also sorry this chapter sucks I rushed things but I didn't want to bore you.

What Happened to Hayley?

What will happen?

Comment your opinions about the book/ chapters so far!!!!

Ily guys!

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