Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


27. Harry.

2 days later.....

I have called around to everyone that possibly knows Niall. They have told me all every memory Niall has shared with them. His parents brought up his ex's which I really didn't want to know about, but if I want him back I needed to know. Melissa his last ex was actually really nice to me. She told me that she broke up with him because she met someone else. She told me about his busy life as one direction. She told me all the details about what they did. They didn't have sex. Thank god. She told me the farthest they have ever gone is a lap dance, which isn't to bad. I was his first, at least I think but I wonder why he has never mentioned it. His parents where really funny because they mentioned everything he did when he was little. I got there voices recorded so he could remember he voices too.

Harry visited a lot and he has told me a lot of information about Niall before I came along. Hasty and Niall met on the x-factor 7 years ago and been best buds ever sense. Me and Harry have gotten along really well, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and I stayed at Harry's. Nothing happened we just talked about his past and went through his pictures with Niall. He was in One Direction of course so we looked up concert and we looked up all different pictures of Niall's past. I feel like its not going to work and that Niall will never get his memory back, but I keep trying because I wanna be able to kiss and hug him again and go back to the way we were. I woke up this morning and I feel like I have gotten enough information but Harry didnt think so. I have never really noticed how Harry can be so caring. I thought he was the type of guy that fucked you then left. But honestly he told me he has only had sex with 3 different girls including me. I felt awful for assuming he was the type of person but with all his tattoos and cheeky smile his just seemed that type to me.

"Harry? What if this doesn't work? What if I don't get my Niall back?" I saw him tense up but then relax. "Then I will be here for you, I can't compare to him but I can try" I smile and hugged him. He smelt so good like vanilla and axe. "Okay, thanks Harry" I can't stop thinking about what if Niall never remembers? Just then my cell phone was ringing. "Doctor Kulich" I quickly answered. "Hello? Doctor Kulich? What's going on? Is Niall alright?" I heard him laugh then I heard whispering. "Yes everything is fine, but I have good news. Take the stuff you recorded of Niall's past and meet me at the hospital." I told him thank you then told Harry. "Harry... Let's go!" I shouted to him. He ran down his stairs and wrapped an arm around me. I didn't mind at the moment my mind was to focus on Niall to even care. He opened the door for me and I slipped in. "Thanks" I said and he nodded and close the door. He walked around the car and got in on the other side. He started the car and drove to hospital. There was a silence in the car but I didn't mind it was a nice silence. For the both of us to put our heads together and be ready to see Niall again.

We arrived at the hospital and Harry opened my door. I thanked him again "Hayley..... Just know.... I am always here for you..." He said kinda killing the moment but I nodded and ran inside anyway. I walked to Niall's room and saw the doctor. "Niall wants to see you" I thought a minute. He hasn't seen me sense I was discharged how did he know who I am. "What's going on? How doesn't he know who I am?" He doctor chuckled and shifted his weight on his feet than looked me in the eyes. "He doesn't have the everyday memory lost like we thought. Some how sown oxygen got in his brain and made him forget again but everything is what was originally thought. He just doesn't remember everything." I nodded and walked inside. Niall looked at me and smiled. I didn't know what to do. I mean he doesn't know the feeling we had shared yet. "Hey Niall" he smiled and he opened his arms. He wanted a hug? I hugged him and looked at him confusingly. "Your my girlfriend and you remember but I don't, so maybe the touch between us will get us back on track" I smiled and hugged him again. "Thanks Niall" I said mumbling in his ear. "Guess it's a good thing you won't forget me every morning" he chuckled along with me. "Yeah, I just wish to get out of here, but then again. The questions. Where do I live? Do I have an pets I was suppose to feed? Which is my car? Where is my car? What road to I take? I hate the unknown answers. Maybe you can teach me so I can at least know those questions by the end of today." I smiled at him.

"You live in Mulligar, Ireland. You don't have any pets but you want a pomski (Pomeranian husky), you drive a BMW. And you smashed it to peices in the car wreck. And I'm going to answer some of your common Niall's questions. You love Michael Bublé, pizza, Justin Bieber, you have a brother Greg. You had a cat when you were younger, ex named Melissa. And you were in a band One Direction. " he nods slowing taking in all the information. "I was in a band? Cool!" I smiled and hug him. "I really have to go now, I'm starving an I need to pee!" I say in to hug an he puts his warm lips to my cheek. Slowly releasing them leaving a tingling feeling. I blush and wave good bye and head out the door only bumping into Harry. "I gotta pee than we can go and order pizza and maybe go back to your and watch a movie?" He nods and shoo's he away to the bathrooms.

On the car ride home it was silent other than the call to make a pizza delivery. We get to his when he opens the door me and I get out. I slowly walk to the front foot and am about to turn the knob when Harry stops me. "I wanna try something" he says and quickly putting his lips to mine. They were soft but not as soft as Niall's. Niall. Shit. I shove Harry off. "Harry, just because Niall lost his memory doesn't mean we aren't together. I love him and he loves me" he tenses at the word of love out then pulls a straight face. "I'm sorry Hayley, I promise I won't do that again." Bullshit! That's the second time there Styles.

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