Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


1. First Day is a Charm


The bell rang right after I got into Biology class. I sat down next to one of my friends Emily. I put my stuff on my desk and got out a pencil. She leaned over to me and handed me a note. I looked at her with a questioning look and unfolded the paper.

"Hey Hayys! I hate this class don't you! Okay do you see how many cute boys are in our grade this year! I'm gunna love this year! I seen this one with curly hair! Hottie! He is sitting over by Louis." I looked over there and smiled to myself "anyway I was wondering if we could hang Friday and go ice skating with Louis, Curly, Greg, Blondie (I think he is Harry's friend he is sitting behind you!) Liam, Alexis, Perrie, and Sophia? I think I could chat up curly enough for him to go! I think you should talk to blondie behind you! Write me back before you say anything!" I smiled at the not and got a new price of paper.

"Okay, I hope blondie is cute! You talk to curly and I will talk to blondie. Ok me if he is cute when you read this!" I folded the paper and reached my arm over and put it on her desk. I saw her scan the paper and gave me the ok sign. My hands started to sweat. Why was I so nevrous? I don't even know who he is or what he looks like. I turned around. God. He is HOT! I smiled and he winked at me. I felt my cheeks get red and I looked down. He put his finger under my chin and made me look into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. I smiled again. "I was wondering if you would like to go with me and a couple of my friends ice skating? Friday or course!" I felt embarrssed after I said it. He smiled and nodded. He gave me a look to look forward. I did and the teacher was looking strait at me. "Hayley?" I felt everyone's eyes on me. "I was asking for an eraser and he didn't have one on him" he looked at my pencil and raised his eyebrows. "I need a bigger one" he nodded and continued the lesson. I Look back at blondie. "Hayley huh? I like it." I nodded "what's yours?" He smiled "Niall, Niall Horan" I reached for his hand. "Hayley, Hayley Carless" ( pronounced care- ess)he smiled and I smiled back. I turned back around and felt butterflies. Why did I have feelings or him so soon? I just met him. I realized he is new. He probably doesn't know where his next class is. I turned back around and saw him writing notes, like for music. "Do you need help finding you next class? And... Do you play?" He looked up and grabbed his planner. "Uhh, yeah actually. I have Algebra 2 next with Mrs. Smith, and yes I do.. I play guitar" I smiled and checked my planner. Same class. "We have the same class so I will meet you by your locker and we can walk together, and.. Cool. I play a little to. Lemme see." I grabbed the paper and counted and played the song in my head. It was actually quite beautiful. I changed a note to make it sound more efficient. "Here, I change that one. I think it flows better." He sang through it and nodded quickly. He had a pretty voice I can tell just by the humms. "Yeah, way better!" He smiled and started working on the song again. I turned to Emily and nudged her shoulder. She looked at me and I gave her and thumbs up. She smiled and went to pay attention to the teacher. I miss summer already and it has only been 50 minutes of class. Only 20 minutes left. I listen to the rest of his speech/talking session. I didn't really pay attention I was thinking of Niall to much.

Class was finally over and I walked out with Niall. We went to our lockers and got our stuff. He must have gotten done before me because he snuck up on me and tased my sides. I freaked and dropped everything. He laughed then squatted down and help pick up my thinks. I got my stuff for algebra and we walked to class. He was talked about this band he used to be in, and told me how he was a singer and he used to write the songs for them. We got to class. Luckily we didn't have a seating chart and I sat by Niall. It was a three desk row so curly, the one Emily was talking about came and sat next to me. Niall was by the wall. He seemed like a jerk. He kept smirking and making faces and flirting with me. "Hi, I'm Harry." He put his hand on my hand. I pulled my hand out from under his. "And I'm Hayley. And if we weren't in class right now I would slap you across the face." He looked at me shocked. "Fistey, I like it." He smirked and looked at Niall. "Niall!!!! I didn't even see you! How have you been!!! You look great!" I turned to look at Niall. "You know him!" He looked at me then at Harry. "Sadly. Yes. We used to go to grade school together. He has changed a lot sense puberty" I smiled and smirked. "You know he keeps on flirting with me, I don't like it" Niall looked at Harry and mouthed something I couldn't tell. All the sudden I saw people heading to the back of the room along with the teacher. "Great seating charts." I said to Niall. He smiled and put his arm around my waist. It felt good for it to be there. He wasn't mine and I wasn't his. Yet. But I felt safe with it there. Everyone started grabbing books. "I guess not, just grabbing books for this year." He smiled and he and pulled he close and then let go. I grabbed book 69. I wrote my name in the book and brought it back to my desk. Harry started laughing. I glared at him. "What?!?" I almost screamed at him. I really not liking this guy. "69" and he lost it. I sighed and looked at Niall. "He hasn't hit the mature stage of puberty yet." Niall giggled and sighed. "I don't think he ever will" we only had ten minutes left of this class. Then we had 1st seminar. I grabbed Niall's planner and check what he had. He had Mr. Garb. I had Mr. Feeling. I signed but he had the teacher next door. I showed Niall where his class was an where mine was so I didn't have to make a lot if noise I just pointed in the planner. He smiled and gave me a side hug. "I don't know why but I feel like I can trust you, that you will never hurt me. I kinda like it." He said and smiled at me. "Me to." I rested my head on his shoulder for only a split second before the bell rang. We walked to our first seminar class. And he put his stuff in his class room and came into mine. "Uh. You wanna sit with me and my friends today? I'm sure it will be fine by them." I looked into his eyes. "I have late lunch but if you do to then sure. I would love that. I really don't have friends here yet besides you so I don't really, yeah I think you get it." I smiled. "I have late too I will wait for you" I smiled and he left to go to his class. 1st seminar was boring because it was the first day if school and we didn't have any homework yet. I grabbed my laptop and shopped on amazon and emailed my friends. I got an email from Niall's school email. I wonder how he found out my email. It said "hey, I'm bored can we chat? Bathroom?" I smiled and replied "yes sir!" I sent it and went up to the teacher. "Can I got to the bathroom? Ladie probs." he had a shocked face and told me to hurry. I went out into the hall and found him. "Hey!" He gave me a hug. "Hey, so I have a question. I probably need to know you friends. Who try to describe them the best you can" I rolled my eyes. "Emily. You met her. I was passing her a note in Bio. Then there is Greg. He is taller with brown hair and green eyes. He has darker brown hair tho. He jokes a lot and he is always smiling. Then there is Louis. He was sitting next to Harry in Bio to. And then there is Sophie. She is a doll, brown hair and she seems snotty but she isn't. She is Liam's gf. Liam was in front of us in Algebra. And there is Perrie. She has a light purplish hair. She has blue eyes and she is sooooo nice! She smiles a lot to. She has a Scottish accent." He nodded and smiled. "well we better get back, wait for me tho!" I nodded and went back to class.

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