Baby, You & I (17+)

This story is about a beautiful
Brunette who falls in love with the new kid. She get bullied by a guy that likes a her. Will she fall for this bully? Or will she stay with the one she loves?

(17+ sex scenes are descriptive)


16. Dinner

We arrived at the restaurant. Vatalee's. I have only eve been there once and it was went I was 7 because I won a $25 gift certificate. I sat across from Niall and waited for waitress to set down our waters and silverware. "Can I start you to with something to drink?" Niall looked at me and I glared at the waitress. She was looking a Niall not the way you look at just some person but a hot person. "Red wine, for the both of us" he smiled wrote it down. "I will be right back with thoughs." I smiled at her and once she turned around I shooded her away with my hands and Niall laughed. "What is that about?"

"I don't like the way she looked at you?"

"Why? All I care about is you. Plus I noticed to. That's why I ordered the wine" he waitress came back and eyeballed Niall. I gritted my teeth. I didn't like this chick. "Are you... Ready to order?" She paused she was gunna say the two of us. Figures. "Shrimp Alfredo" I stated. "Ceased salad as a side" he never looked at me just her notepad and Niall. "For you sir?" He smiled at him. Ugh. He kept his eyes on me though which made me feel more comfortable. Looks like she getting some tonight. "Spaghetti with meet balls, garden salad as the side with ranch" he stated she tried to do anything to say long. "You can go now!" I half screamed at he she nodded and quickly walked away. Niall looked at me. "Someone is jealous" he said sarcastically. I slapped his arm playfully. He kissed me hand and leaned over the table. "You have to world most beautiful eyes yet, there like oceans and I wanna swim in them and.... I can't." He signed.

"Good idea! We should go swimming Kate tonight. In a heated pool just me and you. Sounds amazing" he checked

"With clothes off" he mumbled quietly but loud enough where I could hear. "Don't make me come over there" I joked and he laughed. He dug into his pocket, and pulled out a box and gave it to me. "What's this?" I asked and opened it. It is a ring. Silver and in ingravings in it. "I'm and your and you are mine... Forever ~Niall" is what it said. "It's a promise ring. As long as we are together you are mine and I am yours." I smiled and squeezed his hand. "I love you" he smiled and sqeezed my hand back "I love you too" just then our food came. He waitress glared at my hand and she smiled at Niall. "Here you are sir" and she handed me my plate without a word. It was weird why would she be mad about a ring. She doesn't even know him. Nor does he know her.

This is weird.

I started with my salad and are slowly. "Do you know her?" I blurted out. He looked shocked then confused? "What do you mean? No I don't think so." He answered I just nodded my head. "She glared at the promise ring, like she just lost the love of her life to another girl." He signed. "You know now that you mentioned it that might be an old girlfriend. Do you be chance see her name tag?" I nodded

"Katie" he wiped his face with a napkin and nodded.

"Old gf. She was awful to me." I took a bite and gave him a look to carry on. "She would always she that I deserved better that she was awful. She always was looking to start any kind if fight with me. I remember one time she got so pissed at me she ran over my cat" I lost it. I brushed out laughing and saw the waitress and I pointed at her and kept laughing. She looked so confused. She came over. "Is everything okay?" I tried to calm down. "You.... R-ran. Over hi-his... Cat!" I bursted out laughing a again. She frowned and left. Opps. "I would say sorry but I wanna." I called after her Niall looked frightened. I turned to him and quietly stuffed my face with food. He giggled and continued to eat it was silent the rest of dinner. Besides the sorry and it's ok apologies it was nothing. A different waitress gave us our bill. Niall took it and glad fully paid. I look it and looked at the bill. $54! I gasped. I looked at the bike and saw 10 extra dollars and what it was for. I smirked and giggled. I sawed Niall he bursted out laughing. I kept a giggle. The same waitress came back. "What's the extra 10 dollars for? I mean it say her that I was being 'rude', she was looking at my boyfriend and called him sir and never out an eye on me till I said what I said. And she got mad that my boyfriend have me a promise ring." He nodded understandingly. "I will take it off your bill and will speak to her." I nodded and smiled. "Customers are always right" I smiled and he laughed when he realized I just quoted spongebob. He waitress came back. "Sorry for the inconvenience." I smiled and thanked him and we left. Niall had his arm around my waist. "That was fun?" I question and he giggled. "I guess you could call it that!" I laughed and we got in the car and drive back home...


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